Thursday, January 5, 2012

Summer sunset

I had to share a few photos taken of the amazing sunset the other evening.

These pics were taken in our backyard looking up to Mt Wellington.

The colour was so intense, the best sunset I have seen in a long time.
Well, I am really enjoying my time at home. I have just under a week to go until I have to return to work...ughhh. I have made a pathetic attempt at cleaning the pantry (will try to do it properly) and am yet to clean a whole beach worth of sand out of the car following our trip to the dog beach. Molly prefers to wait until she is in the car to shake off the sand caught in her coat.
I've had time to do some sewing which turned out well so I'll post pics soon.
It's just so nice not knowing what day it is!
Keep well and happy bloggies :)


  1. Wowwwwwwwww.........beautiful !!!

  2. Beautiful sunset! I get confused about the days too at the moment.

    Molly sounds more and more like my six-year-son every blog post I read!

  3. Oh wow, my husband just sent me some amazing images from Afghanistan, amazing that we share the same skies from peaceful Tasmania to such a dangerous war zone. Love Posie

  4. Stunning skies. I am holidaying at home at the moment too. I love it. So much to do and so little energy.

  5. Totally gorgeous! It must be lovely to fit some sewing time in, I am hoping to do that when I get home! X

  6. The photos are stunning.
    It must have been a beautiful day the next day. I always think of the saying my mum used to sky at night shepherd's delight!!
    Penny x

  7. I really hope you turn some of those sunsets on for me next week!

  8. What amazing pictures, I must have missed that sunset. Our dogs are exactly the same, waiting until they get in the car and then shaking for all their worth! Poor Nigella, we had to trim her coat, it was so out of control, and she was so hot, and getting hot spots. but she does look a bit ragged, we're thinking of getting her shaved, she might look a bit funny, but it might be kinder in the heat.

  9. They were so spectacular, Sarah, but what a brilliant job you did at capturing them. Bravo! Was fab to meet today - can't wait for next week's rendezvous ☺. J x

  10. Beautiful pics! enjoy the rest of your time off! ;-))

  11. Magnificent photos of a breathtaking sunset! Beautiful to see a summer sunset when it's a gray, rainy Pacific Northwest US winter! Thanks so much for this post.


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