Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friday flowers: a mixed bunch + bloggy friends

Oh my goodness, it looks like I might survive my first three days back at work!
I'm so glad it's Friday!
Bit of a mixed bunch this week. Above is the very beautiful Angel Face rose. Frilly and mauve, I just adore it. Adore it, I tell you! How beautiful against the old fence.

Now I know this isn't a flower, it's Friday Foliage :)
How lush does this manfern look? SO beautiful.

This pretty rose is called Jubilee Celebration. It's a David Austin and has the most beautiful colouring. I was really taken with this bunch as they were different to the usual blooms. More delicate with soft shading and a very obvious yellow stamen centre.
And to finish off with another bunch of bloomin' flowers, here we are at dinner Wednesday night...

You might have read that myself, Kerry and Jane had a little bloggy get together. We had so much fun!
The poor restaurant staff eventually kicked us out as they had to close, but not until we had our piccies taken.
Jane and I have been 'real life' friends as well as bloggy friends for a while now and it was the first time we both had met Kerry. What a lovely lady. We chatted for hours! Yay for bloggy catch-ups! So much fun!

Well, happy Friday to you all. Have a marvellous weekend.
Hugs, Sar xx


  1. Your flowers are very pretty, Sarah B.

    But look at the three ROSES in the last photo!! You're all gorgeous. I love it.

  2. Oh what fun! I bet you guys had a good talk-fest!! xx

  3. Oh, it was such a good night! So wonderful to meet you both in person, and not a single pause in the conversation :))

  4. Glad you all had such a fun night, how exciting. Enjoy your weekend Sarah, love the manfern. ;-)

  5. hi sarah I've missed your Friday posts.......and what beautiful images and yay for boggy catchup, have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to watching your blogging journey through 2012 smooch lisa xx

  6. Blooming marvellous... and not just the flowers... sounds like a lovely night out, A x

  7. How fun! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Angel Face is one of my favourites too! I have one but unfortunately the bush is not really thriving, not sure why.
    Your catch-up looks like fun!
    Penny x

  9. Such gorgeous blooms as always!! Love that fern - so lush and green. I think I've succesfully killed the fern in our bathroom through lack of watering :) How wonderful your bloggy catch-up must have been - so jealous!! :) I'd love to meet all three of your in person some day. Enjoy your weekend x

  10. Beautiful flowers! That's fantastic that you met Kerry, I just love her! I'll have to get around to meeting some bloggy friends some time soon. Rachaelxx

  11. What beautiful photos, I'm particularly loving Angel Face :) And I was reading Kerry's blog about the catch up too and it sounds like you ladies had a wonderful night. Thank goodness for the land of blogs for making friends and escaping from the thought of, ugh, work xo

  12. As always Sarah, I love your flower pics (especially that gorgeous frilly rose)! It is so wonderful to hear (and see) that you, Kerry and Jane had a wonderful dinner! Am I jealous much...oh yes!! Happy week ahead ~ x

  13. Those flowers look so beautiful! You take such lovely flower images. How wonderful to have a catch up with bloggy friends! Happy week! X

  14. Oh Sarah. Just catching up on blog reading after that mad week. Thanks so much for your gorgeous company as always and yes, Kerry was delightful company. Oh and don't forget we talked so long that my car was impounded in the carpark overnight ☺. J x


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