Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter treats - edible and cute

Happy Easter friends.
I hope you are in the middle of a relaxing, peaceful and fun time.
We have been having fun painting the weatherboards on the house, but I did manage a bit of Easter cooking.

Anyone fancy a cheescake filled chocolate egg, complete with passionfruit flavoured yolk?

I found the recipe on the beautiful Raspberri Cupcakes blog and had to try them.

I added a bit of Easteryness to the table with my bunny and some eggs which are in fact lovely soaps. Don't tell anyone :)

Oh, who's this you ask? It's Mr Rabbit!
Isn't he beautiful? Another sweet handstitched creation by Natasha of the Snow Queen's Garden.
Natasha has an etsy store and you can find her on Facebook too :)

Who could resist that sweet face?
Edit: we ate some of the choc cheesecake eggs at dinner last night and they were very yummy :)


  1. Wow those eggs look great and sound really yummy, love cheescake. The bunny is very cute and soap eggs, how clever. Have a great Easter. By the way have just started a new blog be great if you have time to check it out. Gx

  2. I don't believe they are not real eggs!! Only an artist can make then I'm sure. Amazing and they look so yummy.
    Happy Easter Sarah x

  3. Happy Easter Sarah, those eggs look so good' and the bunny is the cutest thing.

  4. When your blog post first showed up on my dashboard I thought they were soft boiled eggs but now that I see they are desserts (with chocolate!) I can't beleive it! So, so incredible. Happy Easter!!

  5. Those eggs look so good and the yolk looks so real! Happy Easter xxxx

  6. Yum. They look so cool. Thank for the tip re the Snow Queen! xx

  7. That look delicious !!...happy easter blessings from for

  8. They look great!!! Happy Easter!

  9. You really are a clever lady - the eggs look awesome. Hope they tasted the same. Loved the Paris goodies you made too. Thanks for giving Mr Rabbit a good home, where he is treasured. Hoppy Easter. SQ x

  10. Yum yum! Those eggs look amazing! U r very clever Sarah!
    And that rabbit is soooo cute the detail like the watch chain etc is amazing,

  11. Those eggs look SO good - did they taste just as delicious? Love the felt rabbit, I thought he might have been one of Natasha's :) Glad you had a lovely Easter x

  12. Those eggs look SO good! I had a little bit of chocolate during Easter, but not as much as I wanted. I wanted to have tons of it, and feel sick and guilty. Not even close.
    How's Molly?

  13. They look so incredible Sarah! I looove cheesecake with passionfruit and adding chocolate to the mix as well....mmm.

  14. Your eggs look so delicious. They look so real. xx

  15. Oh my goodness, cheesecake eggs looks and sounds amazing!


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