Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The painting continues...

Ah yes, riveting times are here :)
We are still painting and I can see this continuing for a year or more at the rate we are going.
As they say, it's all about the preparation, and boy does that take a long time when your weatherboards are very weathered like ours are.
As you can see, we have painted this section apart from the bottom two boards, the very bottom one is a new board that we fitted on the weekend.
We have been stripping the window surround which is in a bit of a dodgy state.
Lyn has removed the front panels that cover the inner workings of the window themselves.
I don't know all the technical terms for sash windows but you can see the weights in my following photos.

Look at that big ol' rusty thing hanging there. I find it fascinating that it has been suspended there on that old length of rope for just over 100 years. Yes, clearly I need to get out more :)

It's difficult to see but there's some writing on the timber panel at the back. I can't work out what it says.

You can see the sorry state of the windows here.
There's barely anything holding the panes of glass in at the moment.

I'll be so happy to see this all patched up and painted.
The windows (not the panes, silly!) will be painted in the white colour and the fascia bit will be painted in the dark blue. I think it will look pretty nice.
ps I have been meaning to tell you, the cheesecake-filled chocolate eggs I made at Easter tasted wonderful. They were a bit of a hit too :)


  1. Oh Sarah, Mr PB clearly needs to come and watch Lyn at work so he can do all this on Planet Baby! I am mightily impressed. Especially at how the sash windows work. My surveyor Dad would have called such a weight a plumb-bob - I wonder if that's what it's called? J x

  2. It is a huge job and I must admit I hate the preparation stage. So much fiddly work and you can't see any changes. We have started rendering our house and that will probably be a year long job, finding the time, the right weather and the motivation altogether is proving tricky. xx

  3. Ah...we are still painting too...I think we are single-handedly propping up paint sales in this country with the amount of paint we've gone through. Those windows will look amazing with a fresh coat of white.x x

  4. The weights are fascinating! It is going to look do lovely with the white and blue. Thanks for your thoughts for lotte she is doing really well xxxx Katherine

  5. You are both doing such a good job as windows are just so awful to paint! Its looking much improved and obviously just going to get better and better
    J xx

  6. Isn't it amazing that the rope is still holding well, could well be a hemp rope which they don't make anymore, or only rarely.

  7. What great windows!! They will come up so beautifully once all the painting is done. What a mammoth task for you and Lyn, will be worth it in the end though x

  8. I feel your pain! We painted our Old Lady a few years back and it took 5 weeks, everyday to get it done. Hang in there. Good luck on your trip and glad to hear that Molly is doing well.
    Ness xx


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