Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend fun in Melbourne

Waiting for the tram outside Ikea.

Hi friends, well not surprisingly I had a great time in Melbourne last weekend.
If you didn't know, I flew over there for a friend's 40th birthday celebrations. Most of us (including the birthday girl) live in Tasmania, so it was nice to get away.

Random but attractive house down the street.

My friend Stephanie and I arrived late morning on Friday and met up with the others at our lovely Edwardian guesthouse in Fitzroy.
We dropped off our bags and took everyone out to Ikea for a bit of a shop. I bought a few small bits and pieces that no doubt will pop up on the blog in the near future.

Our guest house

After that, Steph and I popped down to the South Bank DFO for a spot of shopping. We then met up with the other 9 of us and dropped by the Finders Keepers Market in the gorgeous Exhibition Building. It was fantastic, with around 120 stalls, music, a bar and food. We all made some great finds.
Not wishing to wait the 45 minutes for a taco from the van outside the market we walked up the street to a pub where we sat outside and enjoyed a lovely meal. Home to bed for all of us!

Lots of tram cables.

The accomodations were lovely, quite grand in fact and so I thought I might share some pics...

Funky wallpaper in one of the many bathrooms.

The lovely entrance. No, the phone didn't work.

Remnants of stained glass.

Looking down the stairs to the foyer. I loved that geometric white wire light fitting.

Loungeroom with 12 foot ceilings and lovely fireplace.

Funky kitchen with yellow pressed tin feature.

Dining room and below, the small but pretty courtyard.

It was really lovely, but boy, I'm glad I live in a one storey house!
Thanks for reading :)
ps a couple more posts on my adventures to come :)

pps a big boo to Mr Blogger who has made the new format a big pain in the butt for me. I lost this whole post and had to start from scratch. It won't spell check for me and I'm just a tad over it!


  1. Ooh, Sarah! I'm so delighted you had such a ball. Just what you needed, I think. Looking forward to seeing your purchases...J x

  2. So glad you enjoyed your time in Melbourne and glad you got to stop at Ikea too as I know how much you miss having one in Tassie :)

    Your accommodation looks lovely, what a nice old terrace building.

    I had a few Blogger issues too - it told me parts of my blog wouldn't work because my browser didn't support the new format (on my new laptop mind you) and so I had to install Google Chrome for it to work.

  3. very lovely! i want the wallpapers in the bathroom!:D

  4. What a great place to stay! Your trip looked so fantastic, it is wonderful to go somewhere that is inspiring and exciting! Have a lovely week! X

  5. yay so glad you had a fab time in melbourne and your accommodation looks wonderful.........and I agree will have to get my head around new blogger format xx

  6. Hi Sarah, I love to visit Melbourne, so much more than Sydney. I know that view waiting for the tram outside Ikea too. Sounds like you had a lovely time, can't wait to hear more. That's a pain about Blogger, when did it change?


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