Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Melbourne shopping madness + crazy transportation

As part of our weekend away, birthday girl Selina had organised a super stretch 1957 Chevy Belair as our transport for a day out shopping.

I couldn't believe how big, or rather, long it was!

L-R Lisa, Karen, Stephanie, Camilla and Kristina.
Everyone was really excited.

First stop was Essendon DFO where the girls went mad. Despite a huge array of shops and 3 hours browsing, I came away with only a cute pair of tights for my niece.
From there we went to Preston markets and seeing as we were in the area, stopped by the Elk store for a look. By this stage I had completely overheated in the back of the limo (ten excited women create a lot of hot air) and felt that sick I couldn't tolerate it anymore. They dropped me off home for a bit of a relax whilst they hit Brunswick street and came home with a big haul.

Rob the driver. I bet he was cringing at some of the stories he overheard that day :)
There's Selina the birthday girl
We had a blast. The reactions from other drivers and pedestrians were gold. People were waving at us and taking photos. They must have thought that someone special was in town. Correct!!


  1. Your weekend sounds fantastic. What a hoot it would've been touring around in the stretch Chevy. Shame you were feeling ill but it's good to know when you've reached your limit and have a relax. xx

  2. It sounds like so much fun Sarah, I would love a weekend away with my girlfriends to shop and chat. xx

  3. The shops must have loved you!!!!!
    That car is amazing but I can also understand how it might be necessary to leave it for awhile!
    It sounds almost as good a weekend as mine was!!!xx

  4. What a great idea, although I'm sure it would have been a bit much after a while in there! Loving your weekend posts, and now I so want to go to Melbourne!

  5. What a fun way for you to have all been driven around :)

  6. fun fun fun.....what a fab car too smooch to you sarah xx


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