Monday, April 30, 2012

MOD mantelpiece

Hi friends, a good morning to you all.
Whilst I was in Melbourne the other week I was very excited to be attending the Finder Keepers Markets where I knew I'd be able to see ceramics by The Mod Collective.
I'd seen their beautiful porcelain pieces online and thought they were beautiful. It was overwhelming to see all those beautiful colours and textures in the flesh.

How on earth I managed to decide on these two, goodness only knows.
Aren't they pretty?
The insides are glazed clear and the outside surface is matte in finish, but shows off the amazing textures well.

I'm very pleased with them and they now adorn the mantelpiece. I think they look lovely near my painting.
By the way, see that cute blue milk bottle in the top image? That's another coloured porcelain piece I discovered at Rose Street Markets. It had to come home with me :)
It's difficult resisting adding a few more colours to this small collection, but you really only need so many knick knacks, don't you think?
Well, I best get on with my day. This would have happened a LOT sooner if Blogger wasn't such a pain in the butt and posted this post back in time when I fist drafted it (last week). What use is that? Then when I tried to fix it, it deleted all content and posted it blank. Again, very useful and just the 'look' I was after Blogger, thank you.
Arrggh, so I have retyped and fingers crossed the darn thing works this time!
I hope you all are having better luck :)


  1. I love looking at your mantel displays, and these new items are delightful. I'm off to check out the Mod website!

  2. Such beautiful pieces, Sarah! I just love your mantel and that gorgeous painting. xx

  3. Sarah..what a gorgeous mantel. LOVE the colours and they compliment your painting perfectly. Good skills lovely x

  4. Beautiful !!..have a nice

  5. Beautiful !!..have a nice

  6. Beautiful !!..have a nice

  7. Delightful little ceramics, i would have chosen those two also.
    Blogger is definately a pain lately, i notice that Ria above has had her comment posted thrice!

  8. they're gorgeous pieces, love them. and your mantle looks awesome darl xx

  9. We must have been in melbourne the same weekend Sarah! Except I was out in the country so couldn't get to finders keepers, I have had my eye on the mod collective stuff too it is stunning and seeing your pieces makes me wish I had been able to go to. It sounds like you had a wonderful time for your friends birthday, such a great idea!

    As an aside I am not feeling the new blogger format either, such a pain and I think it's one of the reasons I have been so slack with blogging lately as it all feels so foreign. Hopefully it gets better.

  10. Ooh stunning, Sarah! Can't wait to see them in person. J x

  11. Those pieces are perfect and my favourite colours too! X

  12. Gorgeous pieces Sarah. I especially love the blue one x


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