Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday flower

While I'm jetting off to the big smoke for the weekend I leave you with a shot of some David Austin Strawberry Hills roses that I took a little while ago.
I just adore the pink against the turquoise sky!
Have a Happy Friday peeps. All going to plan I'm going to very excitedly visit the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne tonight, then off cruising with my friends tomorrow and a spot of shopping on Sunday before I come home that evening. Can't wait!!


  1. what a happy weekend you'll have, and Molly is allowing you to go away too, Yay!

  2. Have a wonderful time away Sarah - can't wait to hear all about it when you're home again x

  3. Have a fabulous time Sarah. I've always wanted to visit a Finders Keepers market - for now I'll live vicariously through you. Can't wait to see/hear all about it when you return. Have fun!
    Amanda x

  4. Oh happy travels Sarah, yay!!
    That colour contrast between the petals & the sky, glorious. Love Posie

  5. Have a fabbo time, Sarah! Can't wait to hear about the Finders Keepers. J x

  6. Such a great photo Sarah! Have a lovely weekend away :)

    Abbey x

  7. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend Sarah. Hope it'slots of fun. I wonder if you'll get to IKEA?

  8. Have fun Sarah! Sounds like a wonderful weekend, can't wait to see what treasures you bring home. Thanks for your thoughts for Lotte, she is doing really well. Xxx Katherine

  9. Have a great weekend in Melbourne Sarah.
    The painting is looking good and you will be so glad you prepared everything so well in the long run x

  10. Have a great time! !!!! Gorgeous rose!
    You asked me about annelae from new England... no, I haven't heard from her either. That's the sucky part about blogs... when people stop blogging without word - we worry and wonder. I sure hope that she is well!!

  11. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for your messages.
    I think I've been less on my blog lately than you have. :)
    I'm totally fine. I'm sorry if I caused unnecessary concern.

    My puppy and holidays threw me off the blogging scene for a while, and once it had been some time, it was somehow easier to let another day go, then, another week, month...
    I see things all the time that I blog about in my head, but just never end up sharing.

    Your rose is absolutely stunning up against the blue sky, it's like lying on the grass on a beautiful summer day and dreaming away.

    Wow, this is the first comment I've left a blogger in a loooooong time.
    Hope I remember my blogger password.



  12. Beautiful. I can't tell you how excited I am about my rose purchases earlier this week. Hope you've had a wonderful time in Melbourne.

  13. Love the photo, what great colour. Hope you have had a wonderful time in Melbourne. Good to see we put the weather on for you yesterday at least. Gx


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