Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bedroom thoughts and wardrobe update

I love blogland, I really do. I was so impressed by all the wonderful comments received on my last post about my new/old wardrobe. The response, not surprisingly was an overwhelming NO! to my thoughts of painting our wardrobe. Thank you so much to those of you that took your time to write such passionate and thorough responses. It really was fantastic.
You will then be glad to know that for the time being, you have talked me out of painting the wardrobe.

I've posted a couple of images here of how I'd like the room to feel. Light, relaxed and cosy.
Look at that pretty wardrobe below. Inspiring? No really, as much as I love this look I will resist the lure of the paintbrush :)

Apart from my lovely wardrobe, the only other pieces in our room that I like is this antique chair.

Really, it's a bit of a blank canvas.
Paint the walls, consider a feature wallpapered wall, patch the skirting, install picture rail and cornice, sew a pretty curtain, acquire a new bed and some bedsides, paint the set of drawers and Bob's your uncle. Sounds easy?
So why hasn't it happened yet?
Do your renos and spruce-ups take forever or do you just get them done?
ps, unfortunately we missed out at the auction at the weekend. We unsuccessfully bid on three doors that would have been great at our place. Oh well, hopefully there's a next time.

Images 1- via Brabourne Farm, 2&3 - Irideeen blog
last image - moi!


  1. I am always amazed how quickly some people complete room renos/makeovers. I take for-ev-a. Possibly related to the fact I change my mind every other minute, am totally stingy when it comes to buying furniture and am at times ridiculously particular :-)
    Oh well, the rooms get done....eventually.
    Glad you decided not to paint the robe yet. Wait and see how you feel about it once the room's finished. You might change your mind and if you decide you MUST have a white robe you can always trade that one in if you're too hesitant to paint it.

  2. There is always a next time. I sometimes think I will never buy anything again as I sometimes go to house after house and purchase nothing . Then like the last few days I end up not being able to move at home for stuff that I have bought. I am always amazed by how fast sometimes people transform things, I am the slow kind. xx Katherine

  3. What a lovely chair, I can picture it so well in a setting like that of image #2 above. I take ages with any decorating projects and renovations here too - I have all the ideas, but actually getting onto doing something seems to be what takes forever :) I like your vision above - light and bright and serene x

  4. I don't think you are alone when it comes to renovating. Life somehow always gets in the way!
    I love the combination of ticking and floral in the first photo, very pretty x

  5. Oh.. you are not alone. It takes us forever to get things finished. Most times, if it's a paint job... it's my job. I noticed lately that I am slowing down at 40 ~ used to be able to go all day .. paint and have a room back together all in one day.. Not any more. : )
    Have a great new week.

  6. My god, we have been working on our place for seven years and it's still not done. Good things take time ;-)

  7. Oh Sarah, I'm relieved to hear the blackwood is safe! A shame about the auction, though. I'd love to attend one with you sometime. And I'm delighted to see you've found gorgeous Iris's blog. Prettiness personified. J x

  8. I want my bedroom to be cozy and to give me a warm feeling but I'm staying at an old house :'(
    Great post!

  9. whew! Glad to hear you didn't paint the beautiful wardrobe. You can always repaint the walls, put up new curtains, buy new cushions or blinds or bedding but once you paint an unpainted antique piece you can't undo it, even with paint stripper and a good restoration job. Maybe if you really hanker after a white wardrobe you could buy a shabby chic style one that is already painted. I'm sorry but I am very biased - I adore antique furniture and have spent a small fortune restoring pieces we have. Hearing of someone painting an unpainted antique piece almost makes me want to cry! ;)
    All the best with your house. Good restoration takes time! :)

  10. Oh those images are so inspirational, how cosy for Winter, love my blues & whimsy!!
    My Mollie Makes only just arrived, seems a bit late non?? Hang in there Sarah. Love Posie

  11. I worked as an interior designer for ten years before opening up my shop. me remodelings were super fast. At customer's homes. Now, Molly dear, you should see my home. I have been remodeling it for over nine years. Yes. Nine years. Between work and the fact that I make everything on my own (from painting walls, to build custom furniture and some plumbing) it's taking forever, more than forever. And I am beginning to go a bit crazy as you know. But let's hang in there girl, we'll make it for sure. And hug Molly every time you feel lost! And hug her for me. Hi Molly!


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