Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday flowers...still growing

Hello friends!
Has this week seemed super long? YES!!
I have been fighting a sniffle, but I think I'm winning, so thank goodness for Friday.
There's not a whole lot happening in the garden at the moment, but I feel bad if I don't do a Friday Flower post :)
So, here's an update on my "inside bulbs".

They're doing well. I've brought them out of the cupboard and they're now sitting in the coolest room at the back of the house. The crocus is growing well, though it's beard of fine roots are just now getting moving.

I made the mistake of wandering by the half price bulbs at the local hardware store.
These blue hyacinths looked so healthy and were only $5! Well, I could hardly leave them there, could I?
Instead of planting them in a pot, I decided to try growing them in a bowl amongst small pebbles.

They've been under the sink for about 2 weeks now and their roots have started to reach the bottom of the bowl!
They look healthy and strong. I'm hoping the roots growing in amongst the pebbles will hold the flower head upright. We'll see what happens :)
Well, what have you planned for the weekend?
I have to work (again!) but we also have a 70th birthday celebration for Lyndon's Dad on Saturday evening. Just a family thing at his home, but I am planning on baking some thing nice. I just haven't worked out when I can do it.
Have a lovely day and thanks for dropping by :)
ps still SO impressed with the pooter. I put this post together in about 10 mins and that included taking the photos. Must jump in shower and go to work now!


  1. Can't wait to see your bulbs in bloom. I've always loved hyacinths - such gorgeous shades. Hope your cold gets better - we've been the same here for the past two weeks and Paul has had yesterday and today off work (SO unlike him so he must be feeling unwell!!) Enjoy the party on the weekend.

  2. Happy 70th bday to your father in law!!! Looking forward to seeing your bulbs in bloom. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Bulbs going well and love the fabric in the background x

  4. Wow, those bulbs look amazing. LOVE the vases in the first photos.

  5. Happy

  6. Is it the weekend already? i've only just now realised it's a long weekend, can't imagine why. Good luck with those bulbs.
    I'm joining a knitting group tomorrow, it's the start of World Wide Knit in Public week wwkip so hoping for a bit of fun. cheers, hope you can work out what and when to cook.

  7. Good to hear the new computer is going well. I think I've bought enough bulbs for this year! I hear you on how long this week has felt, I'm totally over it. Happy birthday to Lyndon's Dad, hope you enjoy the party.

  8. I love watching bulbs burst open! Its a lovely surprise! Have a lovely weekend x

  9. Now I need to go bulb shopping! I nearly bought some the other day... have a lovely long weekend! x

  10. Wow they do look strong and healthy. Hope they grow big and strong and reward you with blooms!

    Thanks for sharing your story about Molly. I understand your fear about her growing old. I'm very attached to my frankie too and i've only had her for 2 months.

  11. Such pretty the blues and greens. your blooms will be so lovely...can't wait to see them when they are out! Happy day to you. xoxo

  12. These are going to be so awesome when they flower Sarah! I wish I wasn't allergic I would love to have something like this in the house. Bring on spring! Oh and I loved Stanley it was so nice, we climbed the nut and walked around and had a really great dinner, stayed at the vdl bluestone place which was really nice, unfortunately didn't get to look inside Highfield but I'm hoping we go back sometime and I can do it then! Hope you are having a great week x

  13. Hyacinths are my favourite because of their divine fragrance. I always have them on my dining table!

  14. I'm looking forward to see how these bulbs grow :) I love hyacinths though mine is looking very unhappy at the moment!! Needs some full sun love I think xo

  15. Great idea Sarah, must get some! Love your pics. xx


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