Monday, June 4, 2012

The spoilt one

Molly sits up in the car like the Queen of England. All she needs is a nice hat and matching handbag.
This is her recently waiting at the traffic lights on her way to be dropped off at Gran and Pops for a day of babysitting. We often see people chuckling at her whilst driving along, she looks a bit of a sight in my tiny red car.

Cosy on the couch
Her fur is starting to cover her leg again after her surgery. It was about 3 months ago now. I'm not seeing the degree of improvement that I would like to so I'm not feeling super positive about the surgery's success.
I suppose it takes footballers a long time to recover so maybe I'm jumping the gun.
I might take back to the vet in a month or so to see what they think.
In Lyn's chair. Bit of a squeeze.
As you can see, she is very content. Who wouldn't be with a big cosy, woodfire heated 'kennel' and servants (Lyn and myself) meeting your every demand?
Have a lovely week. It looks like being grey and dismal here in Hobart all week. If only I didn't need to go outside and strip paint off that darn window as well as getting some garden bed preparation done. I'd prefer to be inside in front of the fire with the furry one :)


  1. She is adorable. I would love to drive by and see her sitting in your passengers seat. I always giggle at big dogs I see like that.

  2. I can imagine how funny she looks in the car!
    Portia sits side on in the car seat, with a seat belt around her because she is so awkward with he long legs. That looks pretty funny too.
    I hope Molly's leg improves more x

  3. She is so beautiful! You sure you don't want my little slinky dog to keep her company after the glasses fiasco? ;-)
    Only joking...I would be lost without my crazy odd-couple fur babies.

  4. She's so funny. I wish I could Skype with her.

  5. Molly is adorable, has she learnt to drive yet? Maybe as she's getting older she won't want to run and jump as much as before, i know Little Charlie has quietened right down now at 14.

    1. Hi Kaite,
      We often joke about what an erratic and crazy ride it would be if Molly drove.
      She's almost eight and is yet to settle much :)

  6. Molly is the most adorable dog in the whole of blogtopia !!!

  7. Molly is tooo cute and funny!!!!

  8. I just love that photo of Molly, has put a huge smile on my face :) Good to hear her fur is starting to grow back post-op. Hope her surgery does end up being a success after all.

    Sorry haven't visited much lately - between parties and colds and day to day life, I haven't had as much online time - am off to catch up now... xx

  9. Sono felice di vedere Molly:mi sembra piuttosto serena. Ci vuole pazienza per guarire bene, vedrai. Un forte abbraccio a Voi. Glori


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