Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday flower...orchid + a thank you

Firstly, thank you to those of you who left advice for my interior design dilemmas on my last post. I really appreciate each and every comment. There were some really great ideas in there which I will make use of. It's so great that you take the time to help me out.

Friday flowers this week is the beautiful orchid that I brought inside the other day.
I am just amazed at how well it is doing. Four flower spikes! It obviously enjoys being neglected.

I clearly must have my orchids sitting in just the right spot out in the backyard as they seem to thrive on virtually no attention. Of the other three that are still outside I think two of them are going to flower as well.

This one is sitting in the lounge room in a galvanised bucket on my old chest.

Oh thank goodness for Friday. It has been such a long week!
Of course much of it has been happily spent on my new computer. Lyndon is quite a fan of it too.

Another highlight of the week was reading this lovely post over at McCarthy Designs.
Nellie very kindly purchased some of my stationery off Etsy the other day and then super surprised me with a blog post about it! Bloggers are just so sweet!
Please pop over and check out her blog and lovely new store.

Shadows. I just love shadows. Ha, I think I just about drive Lyn mad with all my comments about the "beautiful light" and "look at the light on that" etc etc. I get quite excited by a nice spot of light.
Happy Friday buddies. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Happy Friday to you too Sarah. I'm with you on the shadows and light stuff and this time of year is sensational for it. Loving the orchid shots, just beautiful.

  2. Your orchid is such a pretty colour with the pink blush on the petals. And four fabulous flower spikes and no snail or slug damage by the looks!
    The shadows are very pretty too! x

  3. They are beautiful Sarah. But now it's made me feel guilty cause I know I have a collection of orchids being mistreated out in the garden. I kept going to the Hobart orchid show, falling in love with one and then buying it! But I haven't seen many flowers since.
    Happy Friday Sarah.

  4. I'm so not an orchid girl but these moody, shadowy shots are lovely Sarah

  5. It is a gorgeous color and I love the shadows on the wall too. Really pretty images. Have a lovely weekend x

  6. Oh that Orchid is divine. I love them, but they petrify me because I've killed so many ... so many.

    You're a lovely ray of light, Miss SarahB.

  7. Wow..that orchid is stunning! Hope that you were able to get some decorating help. You should see my bedroom now...yikes!!!!

  8. These are so lovely sarah! My mum grew orchids when I was younger. They are beautiful. Haveva lovely weekend :)

    Abbey x

  9. How fantastic are orchids? Beautiful beautiful. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

  10. Beautiful, i love orchids. I knew someone once who painted the shadows of a plant directly onto her wall, looked superb.

  11. Sweet Nellie only spoke the truth, Sarah! J x

  12. What an exquisite orchid!! So pretty! It's funny you describe its neglect as my 'yellow dad's orchid' in our backyard honestly gets zero attention and year after year, produces a few flower spikes that always amaze me :) I think ours likes its spot too - am too frightened to move it :)


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