Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen

I've woken up very early this morning to discover that the highly talented and creative fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, has passed away.
He was more of an artist than fashion designer in my mind and one of my wearable art inspirations.
These are images from his Spring 2010 Ready to Wear collection. I'd love to see these close up, they really are walking art works.

Images from


  1. It is really sad news isn't it, he had so much talent.

  2. That's sad - he doesn't look very old. Thanks for the comments about my header - I was playing around with trying to pretty up my blog last night but I'm not very computer savvy so it's taken me a while to achieve anything. For the header, I scanned some pretty paper and then in a photo program we have (PhotoStudio) I wrote the text on top in layers. I made sure the image size was 600 to 700 pixels wide and around 150 high (got this info off the web but I'm actually going to try and reduce the height of it). I then uploaded this jpeg image to my header under Settings x


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