Sunday, February 7, 2010

Introducing Harry Horse

I discovered Harry Horse up at the Willow Court Antiques in New Norfolk the other day and decided to go back yesterday to adopt him.
He came out from Manchester, England, part of a deceased estate and probably around 100 years old, give or take.
He's well carved but I think maybe a home made creation. He's a bit banged up here and there, he has his original horse hair tail and old roofing iron nails for eyes. I was thinking I might like to do him up a bit ( yes, I know, naughty me) but having seen him in the house I now like his rustic character.

Not quite Black Beauty but definitely handsome!


  1. Lucky Harry to have found his was into such a lovely home. Love your second photo - everything on your table is so pretty x

  2. Ooooh no, you're not allowed to "do him up a bit" these days. The Collectors Police will be after you! I think he's delightful, and what's wrong with home made creations anyway. Yours and mine both are. :) cheers, Kaite

  3. Love this horse - it's really nice. And I like that it is a bit banged up here and there. It's charming. :)

  4. I love Harry - what a great find! Leigh

  5. I love this horse - it's a great piece. I like his knocks and scratches - give him his character.
    By the way - Molly is just gorgeous!
    My naughty golden retriever Woody would love to play with her!
    Sam x


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