Saturday, February 27, 2010

A bed for roses

We've been working our the back digging up a new flower bed. It's a win-win situation for Lyn and I as he has less lawn to mow and I get to plant more roses!
There's quite a shady bit at the top near the house so I plan on planting ferns and then some camelia and fuschias. I've got some spring bulbs and the plants I got a couple of weeks ago to plant down the sunny end. These include a hot pink salvia, and echinacea, Japanese wind flower and some Gay Feathers. It's exciting. We (mostly Lyn) installed a irrigation system to make watering easier.
I'll post the end result later (it's gone missing temporarily).
Here it is, ready for lovely new plants! Going to Glenorchy market for a look tomorrow as I might find some garden bargains...


  1. Your house has such character - I wish we had a cute little verandah like yours. I'll look forward to seeing the end result of your gardening - I love roses. There's nothing like being able to pick a bunch from your own garden to display in your house. Camelias are another favourite of mine but we seem to have touch and go luck with ours. The Japanese wind flower sounds pretty, I haven't heard of that one. Have a lovely weekend Sarah x

  2. Thanks Amanda, yes, Molly's Maison is not lacking in 'character'. I agree with you about roses - I want to be able to grow enough so that if I pick some there's still plenty in the garden :)

  3. I like the curved garden bed, it's very attractive. And that is an interesting verandah on an angle to the house square. What direction does it face?

  4. That is going to look great! I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful roses when they bloom.

  5. Thanks ladies :)
    Kaite, the verandah probably extended further around to the left but that became the bathroom (and still is - but that's a whole other story!). The verandah faces SE I think so it's a pretty cool spot. The house is good in that depending on the weather, there is an outside spot to suit. :)

  6. Hi there Sarah, I've come across from Amanda's blog (homely one) and I LOVE your house! it's sooooo cute. I love federation style houses so I can't wait to see more.
    Janette x

  7. Hi Janette, thanks for dropping by! And thanks for your lovely comment :)


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