Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Diary of a cucumber

I was really amazed at how quickly my cucumbers were growing so thought I'd chart the growth. I think I'll check every day and see how much it has grown.
My tomatoes are growing well but are a lot slower than everyone else I talk to. I can't wait to eat the first one.

I reckon we'll eat our first corn this week. It's looking good!

Pumpkins are coming along well.

Above is my totally overgrown patch. Once I get the rest of the pinkeyes out (had them roasted last night- yum!) I think I'll plant more carrots and beetroot.
PS really, what was I thinking posting those seriously unflattering photobooth pics???!!! At least I know I will have brought a smile to a few faces :)


  1. Your vegies are looking good, and it's interesting to compare their progress with mine. I'm about to pull up my roma tomato plants as they're finished and i've cooked up many trays for freezing for Winter. Also my corn is now overripe and we can't eat it fast enough. But for some reason your pumpkin looks ahead of mine. The pics of you were sure funny and i had to smile. cheers, Kaite

  2. I am so envious of your vegie patch - makes me even more eager to get started on ours :) How lovely to have access to all that fresh produce. Fresh corn - yummo!! x

  3. Your garden looks amazing. I wish I could have more than a few pots! It must feel so good eating something you know you have grown yourself.

  4. Our tomatoes are very slow this year too - I'm starting to think that if they don't hurry up and ripen soon we're going to miss out. Your veggie patch looks fabulous. Leigh

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! You garden looks amazing. That's something I'm thinking of attempting once the weather warms up here in the states (we're still in full-on winter now).


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