Monday, February 22, 2010

Family vegie competition

Hmm...the things families do.... :-)
Yesterday my sister hosted the inaugural family vegie growing competition. There were entries called in the sections of biggest tomato, most flavoursome tomato, longest leaf vegie, longest non-leaf vegie and heaviest vegie.
Below are some of the entries...
Lyn and I didn't have much growing at the moment so I had to enter some ugly looking cucumbers, butter beans and some insect-munched-on silverbeet. We only got 2 3rd places. Oh well. Mum and Dad had the best tasting tomato...

Lyn's parents had the heaviest vegie but also took home some other prizes...
My sister and her husband Adrian won some prizes as well. They had the heaviest tomato at almost half a kilogram.
It was all a bit of fun for a Sunday lunch. I might mention that if we had held a bread making section yours truly would have been champion - I made a yummy Italian style cheese loaf for lunch - yum!!!


  1. Looks like such a fun day Sarah!! What a great idea. Congrats for your two 3rd prizes!! Every time I see your lovely vegies, it makes me even more eager to start a patch here at our place :) Have a great week! x

  2. This looks like a lot of fun, it has definitely been a beautiful summer for growing in the garden. Your cheese bread sounds yum too.

  3. What a scream! i laughed all the way thru your photos. Hmmm, what would i have won if i'd been a member of your family - i know, the reddest chillis!

  4. What a great family. Sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon.
    Nellie xx

  5. Thanks everyone, yes it was fun - though next year I want to whip everyone's butts with my super entries!!

  6. Fun! It's just time to start our gardens here in California. This is something to look forward to.


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