Saturday, February 20, 2010

A dog's life

Life is great when you are lucky enough to be Molly.
We've just come back from a visit to dog's beach at Kingston. Molly loves the beach with a passion and so Lyn and I have a good time watching and laughing at her. My car is full of sand now but at least Molly had a great time and we all cooled off a little.
She is now pooped and very content....


  1. Looks like Molly had a great morning - she must love the water!! It's always great taking Asha to the dog beach to wear her out for the rest of the day :)

  2. Molly looks exhausted now, sweet dreams. Kaite

  3. hi Sarah, you asked what am i planting now? Just this last week i've sowed seeds of beetroot, carrots, peas, lettuce. Couple of weeks ago i sowed broccoli seeds and they are up and thriving. Should also sow bok choy, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauli but no room yet. Another week and i can pull up all the corn, roma tomato, and eggplant plants. Zuccini are still thriving and the beans have a new flowering spurt. The pumpkins have to stay where they are until the frosts have come in, about April.

  4. Such wonderful photos of the gorgeous Molly. A day at the beach, a stick and a sleep - this must be dog heaven! Leigh


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