Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crazy card crafting chaos

I successfully completed 50 cards on the weekend.

All that's left to do is to package them and I'm hoping my little baggies come in the mail today so I can do just that.

Some I like more than others, but who knows what customers might like?

Some with washi tape, some without...

It's nice to tick a job off my Craft Market list.
Next up is finishing off some gift wrap.
I have to admit, I sometimes think, "what if no-one buys anything?"
Does that ever happen to novice craft market stall holders?
I'll be happy if I can sell enough bits to cover the cost of having the stall!
Just under 2 months until I find out!
Have a lovely week friends :)


  1. Wow, they are amazing! The colour combinations are perfect and wonderfully dreamy. Xx

  2. You must have worked hard all weekend to get 50 cards finished! They look fantastic Sarah, I am sure you will sell heaps. xx

  3. They look so lovely all laid out Sarah! Your stall is going to be fantastic, it sounds like you're nice and organised ahead of time x

  4. You are a card making dynamo! And that magnolia from Friday. Wow!

  5. Sarah they look beautiful- I can't wait to come and see your stall at the market. I've already let Rob know I have to go!
    I really like the butterfly cards.

  6. I love your cards Sarah! You're very talented and I'm sure that lots of people will buy from your stall.
    Sorry, I haven't been very active writing comments for you - somehow Bloglovin' didn't show me your latest post.

  7. So exciting !! and Molly how was her weekend.???...love from me...xxx...hahahha!!

  8. The cards are looking wonderful!
    I used to wonder that too, will anyone buy my things - it is an investment and a leap of faith when you make to sell!
    When I used to design, make and sell cards - I made literally 100s - I always sold plenty wherever I went as people always need and want beautiful, original, well priced cards.
    I am excited for you Sarah! That combination of hope, nervousness and excitement keeps you going at fair time!
    Gill xx

  9. Oh these cards are super... they will fly out.
    Thank you for your very kind words...much appreciated. Speak soon x

  10. Oh Sarah! If only I'd read this post before we met this morning ☺. They look divine. Just smashing. I fully intend to buy quite a portion of your stash! And I'm so *excited* to see you and Viv are now in contact ☺. J x

  11. Your cards are lovely and I am sure you will do just fine at the market. Good luck, you won't need it but all the best for a fun day. ;-)

  12. Sarah you will have no problem selling these gorgeous cards..they are beautiful. It is only normal to have self doubt..be we don't doubt you! Good luck....you must be exhasted :0

  13. Just found your blog and I love IT!!! Those cards are gorgeous I love all the colors!! I am impressed

  14. They look stunning!!! Amzing colours! You have been so productive! X

  15. oooooooooh preeeeeety!!! I love them.


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