Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lamingtons and ivy

Hi friends, the title conjures up images of pretty garden tea parties, does it not? Unfortunately there was no pretty garden party here over the last couple of days.

Yes, I did cook lamingtons for the very first time and they're delicious! A bit sticky but nice and moist inside. Yum. I'm delivering them around the family tomorrow and taking them to work to share.
How about that pretty Mozi plate and tea towel? I'm a bit obsessed by pretty tea towels.

Wow, the ivy, what a monster.
I'm so pleased our helpful neighbour started on his side as it made it a lot easier to rip it out from this side of the fence. Though, in parts I think it's holding up the fence!

The area in question is the back corner where one of my vegie patches is.
The ivy does look pretty but it really has taken over, even growing into my patch which means less room for vegies. We can't have that!

Mollsie is always in the thick of the action.

Here is one side after a bit of work. Yes, that's the roof of our neighbour behind us. There is a retaining wall on the fence line and their house is a few metres below our ground level. Quite handy.

There's poochy again surveying the damage. We still have a way to go. Things slowed down a bit when Lyndon sustained a big, deep cut to his hand. Nurse Sarah fixed it up but it meant no more ivy attacking for him.
Today we took two big loads to the tip and I reckon there's at least one, maybe two more to go.

Look at the poor old fence! The ivy has split palings in parts. We are going to pull some palings off and replace sometime in the future. That will also allow us to cut the big ivy trunks off at the ground.
Well, this has been a not so pretty "before" and almost "after". It certainly looks prettier "before", but not good for the fence or the garden. Oh well.
Well, back to work for me tomorrow. Boo hiss!
Must be time for a cuppa and some more of that lamington...
Take care


  1. That's a lot of ivy that you guys yanked out! It must be fairly invasive in Tassie...wasn't Jane (planet baby)doing the same thing a few days ago?

    Your Mozi plate is pretty cool too. xx

  2. There is something very therapeutic about removing unwanted weeds/plants! But your poor fence! That lamington looks devine, we have tried a few times but the icing is always too wet, they end up being quite messy. We decided it was easier to pick one up from Jackman & McRoss!

  3. Yes Anita, well spotted, 99! And we still have more to rip down, too.

    That is a mighty impressive job there, Sarah. I really feel for you, especially poor wounded Lyndon! J x

  4. definately worth a lamington and icecream after all that work. well done.

  5. That's a lot of hard work, but you can definitely see a huge difference! Gardening is so rewarding. I must say there are a few fences in this suburb that I think the vines are holding up too!
    Lamington making?! I'm impressed! They look delicioso.

  6. That lamington looks so good! Well done you, I have never tried to make them myself, but I would like to! You will feel so good when you sort out that ivy! It is looking amazing already! X

  7. Been there, done that! It feels quite traumatic particularly when you discover there is more work courtesy of the fence. Molly must be a good girl to stay at home with all the new holes. When you get the veges all planted out, the trauma will disappear...


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