Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday flowers... Anemone in my garden

These gorgeous blue anemone are blooming in my garden.

Yay for spring!

The bloom above is a double variety, whilst the others are single.

Apart from their stunning colour and simplicity, I adore the frilly leaf arrangement around their stems, like a ruffly collar.

I have orange ranuncs in the same bed but they haven't made an appearance yet.

It's always a little odd reading the northern hemisphere blogs to see them moving into autumn. Whilst I do love autumn I am very pleased we've moving into spring here in Aus.
That means summer wont be too far away!

And because they're blooming up a riot all over the backyard (and the colour matches the anemones), here are some beautiful Grape Hyacinths.

I think sometimes I give the impression (through my images) that my garden is always lush, not to mention vast. It's neither really. I just tend to do closeups so I don't have to show you the the unwanted slab of concrete, the dodgy, falling-down lean-to and so on. I think our block is about 750 sq metres with Molly's Maison right in the middle. It's a nice size, not too much garden to maintain and still quite a lot of lawn for Molly.
One day I might be brave and show you guys some of the dodgier bits :)
Well, TGIF. I'm hoping to do a bit of pottering about and get a bit of crafty action happening this weekend.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend too.
Hugs xx


  1. i love blue flowers, and your photos really bring them to life.
    hope you have a splendid weekend

  2. I'm so glad spring has arrived! Beautiful photos btw, happy Friday!

  3. Beautiful spring flowers! I've never seen the double variety before, it's lovely.

    Enjoy your weekend! x

  4. The light on the flowers is just lovely. You have captured them so well. I hope your weekend is full of pottering and crafting. I look forward to seeing some of the results.

  5. beautiful flowers and yup i've often thought {she must have the best garden hehehe} hope you enjoy getting crafty this weekend big smooch to you gorge lisa xx

  6. Beautiful !!..enjoy a happy

  7. Love them, so simple and friendly. Enjoy your weekend. Xx

  8. Oh Sarah. I can't wait to pick your brain about flowers to plant at PB HQ tomorrow! And maybe we should do some crafting...J x

  9. I love your images Sarah, they are always so beautiful. I can't imagine you having any dodgy bits in your yard. Role on Spring :) XOX

  10. These flowers are such a gorgeous color, Sarah!
    Hope you enjoy the weekend! xo

  11. Gorgeous flowers! Love that they are in blue! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  12. I love anenomes Sarah, but have no success with them at all. I think I must manage to plant them upside down! I resort to a wee bunch from the market because they're so lovely, and epitomise spring!
    P.S Creative closeup photography - my specialty too! Have a lovely weekend. xx

  13. Those anemones are gorgeous. I love the sea variety too. And hyacinths are one of my favourite flowers, their fragrance is so divine!

  14. Love anemones and ranunculus but I wasn't organised this year. next year! Don't worry we all carefully frame our pics to hide the untidy things in our yards! ;)

  15. Gorgeous purples!!! Happy Spring!!
    Hope that you have a great weekend.

  16. I was sure I would be able to enjoy loads of grape hyacinth flowers this year. Every year our poor old dog would decide to make that his bed for a few weeks. The new pup has decided that this will be a good spot too. Perhaps I need to bow to the inevitable and move them.


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