Sunday, September 25, 2011

This weekend

It has been another rather nice weekend, despite having to work today for a few hours.
I managed to get a few things done including finishing off my magnets for the stall (photographed here on a drawing by my niece).

I took Molly for a walk up the bush with my sister, my niece and their dog.
We spotted a number of native orchids.
The ones above are called Greenhoods.

These ones are Leopard Orchids (sorry about the blur, my iPod doesn't like closeups)

These ones are Star Orchids. Quite purple in colour but the photo is washed out.

I have no idea what this pretty plant is :)

And for the umpteenth time I flicked through my Mollie Makes mag.
Have you guys read it? I'm already addicted. Jane picked me up a copy after she discovered them in a Hobart newsagency and I have to say it's better than I expected.
I was thinking how nice their Christmas edition will be, but then realised we'll be into next year before it appears in the newsagency here!
It was quite a nice, though bit chilly, weekend in Hobart so I also managed to do some gardening. I planted a couple of ranuncs, some lobelia, pansies and more delphiniums.
Luckily I have Mon and Tues off work so apart from some crafty action I've got a date with the overgrown ivy in the backyard. Our neighbour has attacked his side of the fence, now it's my turn.
Watch out ivy!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!


  1. What a productive weekend you have had Sarah. And you have another couple of days to do some more jobs. Well done.

  2. How cool are those native orchids. Have a great few days off. xx

  3. I love the magnet. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. G

  4. Lovely flowers!! ...enjoy a happy sunday from for Molly !!

  5. Oh gorgeous work, love those colours & designs.
    Mollie Makes, could i be more keen, i picked up a copy & completely forgot my husband bought me a subscription so mid week i'm going to give my pristine-mint-in-plastic copy as a giveaway on my blog. Triple der, oh & yes, the Christmas issue, bit over excited!! Love Posie

  6. a Molly Makes mag? never heard of it, is your Molly up to her tricks again? don't know what the little flower is, sorry.
    we had a very cold day here today too, with a SE wind and 15mm rain, brrr.

  7. Those native orchids look absolutely divine! I have lots of orchids indoor here....but have never seen them in their natural surroundings. Lucky you! <3

  8. Hi Sarah, thanks for the magnolia name I'll keep a lookout for it. the pretty flower is Tetratheca or it's common name is black eyed Susan. It's a great time of year for bush walks lots of pretty wildflowers.

  9. Everything you've planted sounds lovely! I've seen that mag pop up a bit lately, saw it at our local newsagent but couldn't see the latest copy there the other day. Let us know if you make anything out of it. Enjoy your date with the ivy :)

  10. Hope you are enjoying your few days off Sarah, I'd love a monday off right about now : )
    All your market goodies are coming along well, I'm looking forward to seeing it in person. I have heard about that mag too do you think it is worth getting? might have to suss it out.
    Have a great week. x

  11. Loving the tags, Sarah- they're coming up a treat. And I'm so glad you're hooked on MM, too! Will email you now.J x

  12. Your native flowers are so exotic and beautiful, Sarah. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  13. Looks like a great mag. Your flowers are always stunning. I've not seen that magazine before, but you've piqued my curiosity.


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