Monday, February 27, 2012

Crafty capers

I get asked all the time (mostly at work) what I have been working on in my own art practice. A lot of people know I'm crafty/arty/like making wearable art/jewellery and much of the time I have to answer them with, "not much".
Anyway, I thought I might share a couple of things I have been up to creatively lately.
Above are some fabric swatches I received recently from Spoonflower. They are digitally printed Parisian postcards that I scanned. I'm happy with the samples so have ordered some fabric that I plan on making into little purses.
I've also got some other samples being printed for another little project that I will share soon.

I have also dabbled in a spot of painting.  The above piece is on a smallish canvas. It's not finished and I'm not sure how to finish it! After I took this pic I made some additions but don't like it, so I can see a few more layers of paint to go on yet :)
In fact, it looks better in the pic than in reality. Darn.
By the way, the historic tour I mentioned the other day was fantastic. I took some pics which I will share this week. Did the fellow Aussies notice how hot it was down here in Tassie on the weekend? I think the temp got down to a toasty 26 degrees at midnight last night. Phew!
Have a great week friends!


  1. Good morning Sarah, you have had a very productive weekend. I love your painting. I love the colours and of course the flower. It seems so you. Have a great day. Deb

  2. Oh Sarah, I noticed the weather report for Tassie and was amazed just how hot it was! We sweltered too. The overnight temp has been unbearable for the past couple of nights. Not pleasant at all.

  3. Your painting is looking really lovely and those fabric postcards will be great to turn into something. So glad the tour was a good one and can't wait to see some pics x

  4. oh how i have missed your blog.......and i have to say your painting is perfect, i also do love artwork so happy to have internet again yay smooch to you lisa xx

  5. Your postcard fabric looks great and I think your painting looks lovely. xx

  6. You have been busy creating despite working!Love the spoonflower designs, and your painting is great. Look forward to catching up with you here, its been a while!

    Gill xx

  7. I always love to see what you've been working at. You may think of it as 'nothing much' but it always looks like another brilliantly creative idea in the making to me! That fabric is fantastic. Can't wait to see what you create with this. A little purse would be so cute. So would cushions!
    Amanda x

  8. oh yes we followed your weekend temps and felt sorry for you, and i worried about fires and there was one too, in one of my favourite places too.

  9. Beautiful painting. Just go with your gut, and don't be afraid to "mess it up" b/c it will limit your. Thanks for your comment.

  10. The painting is beautiful, I actually quite like it as is. And love those swatches what a clever idea of scanning the vintage postcards. G

  11. Ooh, I wish I'd seen this before we caught up today - we could have talked about your glorious painting! You clever minx ☺. J x

  12. Look forward to a Parisian purse. Girl can never have too much Paris or purses. Your doilly magnets look gorgeous on my fridge and I think of you every time I open it. Keep up the creating! You're so clever SQ x


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