Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines from Molly

Big licks and smooches from Molly.

How cute does she look in my heart print scarf? Perfect for St. Valentine's Day :)

Look at that face. Precious.
We are off to the vet for another injection today. Not sure they're helping much but we'll wait and see.
Have a lovely day friends :)
ps. Thank you for your lovely comments about my painting (previous post). It really is so great to be able to share these things with you all.


  1. Big licks from my girls for Molly...happy valentine.......love Ria...xxx..

  2. Molly รจ bellissima e spero che le cure funzionino. Mi ricorda Chicca la mia cagnona che ci ha lasciato sei anni fa. Un forte abbraccio e tanta salute. Glori

  3. Molly's face is not convincing me that she's about to have a happy val's day, she looks more like she's finally decided to get her tax done today.
    a happy love day to you all there.

  4. A big smoochy pat and hug for Molly and a wish for a truly special day for you and Lyndon.


    PS: Luke would love to play with Molly and I think they'd make a gorgeous pair, him in his red & white bandana, Molly in her scarf.

  5. Oh that is far too cute. I could see my daschund and labrador (the odd couple) just loving a play with Molly.

  6. That is one seriously cute photo!! Love Molly's Valentine's scarf :)

  7. Oh Molly, a big WOOF to you on Valentines Day! You look prepared to go out for a date/walk?! Wishing you a great day! X

  8. Cute, cute cute!
    Hope the vet visit was okay, poor little love.

  9. Ok, this was the best Valentine ever!! My cats totally forgot to get me something special for the occasion. Naughty furry kids.

  10. Oh isnt she sooo cute. Gorgeous pics! And I love that painting you bought darl, gorgeous colours xxx


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