Sunday, February 12, 2012

New acquisition

Here it is! I mentioned in my last post that I had recently purchased myself something special with some money left to me by my dear Great Auntie Ila.
I present "Reunited" by Melbourne artist Arite Kannavos.

Despite the fact I love art, am an artist myself and also work in the industry I have never really been in a position to acquire much art. I knew that's what I wanted to do with Ila's gift.
Something special to keep forever.

It really was most difficult to photograph!

Some closeups :)
You might be able to see there are many layers of paint, some washy, some thicker and there are even layers of metallic paint.

I just love the blues, greens, mauves and yellows.

Above you can see one of the bronze metallic patches.

It sounds a bit silly but I was also rather drawn to the title, "Reunited".
I haven't mentioned Ila's husband Max before. He passed away around 1988. He was the best! He grew the biggest carrots and didn't mind when my sister and I raided his pea patch. He had false teeth that he'd pop out to give us a laugh and then Ila would give him a telling off. I thought Ila and Max were the most fantastic couple.
Anyway, I suppose I wondered when Ila passed if she reunited with Max, having lost him so long ago. I think that's why the title of the painting resonated with me as well.
I realise not all of you will be enamoured by abstract art, but I like the way you can respond to the colours as opposed to the direct imagery of realistic art. I like the dreamy, emotive aspects of it.
Are you an abstract fan?
ps I should tell you I discovered Arite's work on the Design Files blog  :)


  1. This is fantastic and so special that you purchased it in memory of your
    Aunt and uncle. I so agree about abstract art. You can just get lost looking at the colors and shapes. Every time you look at it I know it will make you feel wonderful and that is something worth investing in xxxx

  2. SarahB,
    that painting and its title are absolutely perfect. Everytime you look at it you'll think of your Great Aunt and her husband.

    What a great decision of yours to buy a painting to remember her by ... opportunities to buy Art come along so rarely unless one is in some sort of dynasty.

    Can you put a photo of your painting on your side roll so we can all look at it all the time too?

    1. What a lovely idea. Oh you just made me all teary :)

    2. Great idea about putting the painting on the sidebar MMMC.

  3. Thank you for sharing all the different aspects Sarah - it's gorgeous and looks absolutely brilliant above the mantle with the colour glass beneath it.
    I'm sure both your Aunt & Uncle would be delighted with this purchase and I love the idea of purchasing a piece of art that gives you pleasure to celebrate the life of someone you loved.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Nice one Sarah!

    Finding a piece of art you love is like choosing a new pet. You have to like looking at it and living with it every day!

    My little Tassie art collection is still leaning against walls and hiding behind things...

    Christine x

  5. that's beautiful, a most deserving way to spend Ila's gift. it reminds me of a garden in the rain when all the flowers and leaves are turning into washed colours.

  6. This is beautiful Sarah and so meaningful.
    The colours elicit a range of emotions in me, both happy and sad, but overall it has a feeling of calmness, if that makes any sense!
    I love it.

  7. It's a lovely tribute to your auntie Sarah. I think it's a beautiful piece of work, one that you will appreciate and interpret in different ways over time. It reminds me very much of your collection of art glass. Good choice. xx

  8. Very beautiful painting, the aqua colors.What a great way to spend the money given to you. :)

  9. Sarah it looks perfect! I'm so glad you found something that will give you so much pleasure and provides such wonderful memories of loved people x

  10. Ooh, I can't wait until I see it on Tuesday arvo! It's even more exquisite than it looked on the website. I am *so* happy for you, Sarah! J x

  11. Glorious! I rather fancy that art chooses you and even when you think you only love the classics you turn a corner and there...there is a modern piece you have to have!!
    Enjoy your painting and your memories of Ila and Max.

  12. Wonderful painting, just love the bright colours!
    It looks great in your room, and i love your pink chair too!

    Gill xx

  13. What a special way to remember someone you loved, and I love the story about Ila and Max. Of course they are Reunited!
    The colours are quite something aren't they? And it looks so very perfect in your room, as if it was always meant to be. xx

  14. It looks fantastic, and actually hung at the right height! There is truly no better way to remember a loved one, I'm sure auntie ila would be pleased she has contributed some more beauty in your world.


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