Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tomato harvest

Tomatoes from our garden.
The rest of the vegie garden is looking a bit sad but the tomatoes have made up for that.
So many!

I really have to do some cooking. I'm thinking a fresh tomato soup with basil (anyone have a good recipe?) and maybe roast some to make the rice salad that I just love. Do yourselves a favour and try it :)
We have a few different varieties growing, Black Russian, Stupice, a very tasty yellow (I know, who'd have thought?), a small one my mum grows that is also tasty and the perfect size for biscuits and a couple of others that I'm not sure what that are.
I'm about to pull out what remains of the vegie patch and build it up with compost and sheep poop, all ready for some winter plantings.
What have you guys been growing?


  1. Gorgeous tomatoes. I am growing Dust here in Maryland. : ) I just cant wait for our spring so that I can play in the dirt outside.

  2. Oh Sarah, we only have the Romas growing at the moment. Just three bushes but what a harvest. I roasted some of mine and we've had them in salads. I'm going to roast some more at the weekend.
    Yours look delish!

  3. Yum!!! Nothing tastes better than tomatoes from your own garden <3

    We grew them a few years ago but I wasn't very happy with how much fruit they produced so I gave up :(


  4. All those varieties look fantastic Sarah.
    I have put in a little ground cover variety with cherry size yellow fruit and another one which i thought was a beefheart? but it doesn't have the huge tomatoes which I can remeber my mum growing at one stage.
    I wish I had just put in cherry tomatoes now. Next year.
    Home fgown tomatoes just don't compare with shop bought varieties. I have printed off the rice recipe. Looks yum x

  5. They look so good and nothing beats the taste of home grown. You will have to blog the progress of the vege garden preparation I love the sound of it all. Xxx

  6. Your tomatoes make me very jealous - ours have all but frizzled in the silly heat wave Perth has had recently so I've decided to give up on my patch until autumn arrives :(

  7. How delicious Sarah. I bet they have that quintessential 'warm' taste that only a homegrown tomato can have. I love the smell when you pluck them off the vine. Not my own vine of course - don't be silly, there's only room for dahlias and mint in my garden at the moment. xx

  8. For the most beautiful tomato soup I posted the recipe here
    Hot or cold it is quite magic.

    1. Thanks for the link! Nothing like a good recommendation :)

  9. I think if you roasted the tomatoes (cut in half) with fresh thyme, olive oil, a little garlic, salt and pepper til they were soft, and then blitzed them with a stick blender. Then just added some vegetable stock if it was too thick. Then a dollop of pesto in the bowl at the end.

  10. Those tomatoes look delicious, we have had a good crop of the little yellow pear shaped ones. They are great in salads! Happy week! X

  11. Beautiful tomatoes Sarah! I've got a mountain of basil that I really need to make pesto from, and for the first time I've grown lebanese cucumbers. I think they must be the easiest thing in the universe to grow!


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