Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday flowers...white

This Friday we have a lovely posy of white icebergs picked from the bushes along our front fence. They've flowered so brilliantly this year. We have had nice comments from people in the street so that's lovely.

I actually picked these on Thursday and gave them to Mum who is today travelling up to her hometown in NW Tas to visit her sister and see my Great Auntie Ila's grave plaque.
She wanted to take some flowers from each of our gardens to leave there.

Ila was never one for fuss, or flowers for that matter. I can just hear what she'd say, telling us to stop fussing.
Oh well, it's just a nice, simple gesture.
Speaking of Ila, I have something fab to share in an upcoming post. I bought myself a pressie with a little money Ila left for me. Something to keep for always.
I'll show you all as soon as I can get some decent photographs :)
Have a happy weekend friends.


  1. Ooooh, can't wait to see what Aunty Ila bought you pm. She would appreciate the icebergs, they're not too fussy.

  2. They are just beautiful. I'm sure that Ila will be looking down and smiling.

  3. They are lovely. Icebergs are real troopers aren't they. TGIF I am exhausted, first week back to work and school for us here.

  4. Beautiful blooms as always Sarah and how nice that your Mum can take some to your Aunt Ila's grave. Can't wait to see what you've bought!! Enjoy your weekend x

  5. They are simple but beautiful. What a lovely idea. Can't wait to see what you've bought!!

  6. They are so beautiful !!..enjoy a happy

  7. A lovely thought Sarah. Your roses are gorgeous. Have a great weekend :)

    Abbey x

  8. Oh Sarah, you gorgeous girl. You were lucky they survived those fiercesome winds we've had this week. And I'm dying to see your acquisition. Would love to see it this weekend if you're free! J x

  9. Such a lovely thought, Sarah! Icebergs ... perfection!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to see your new pressie :) ~ xx


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