Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday flowers - red, orange, yellow

Look at this beautiful mix of flowers I was lucky enough to be given the other day.

It's not often you get thanks for doing your job. They were very gratefully received. There doesn't tend to be much flower giving and receiving between Lyndon and I. Maybe he thinks there are enough flowers in the garden and they will do me just fine?
Just teasing, Lyn :)
I really was rapt to receive these.

And out in the backyard I found some simple nasturtiums creeping through our dodgy fence.

Not a great shot, but I do like the textures here. That darn pesky ivy just wont stop growing. Just about time for another attack at it.
Happy Friday friends. I'm happy to have the weekend off work and am looking forward to a local historic home tour on Sunday. I doubt I'll be able to take pics, but we'll see.
Have a great weekend and if you are in Aus, try to keep cool! It's forecast to be 35 degrees C here both days. Phew!


  1. What a beautiful mix of flowers, so happy.
    Good luck with the ivy! Don't you just love it when you inherit one of those pesky, invasive, almost impossible to remove plants! x

  2. I love cheeky nasturtiums, they used to grow like crazy at our old house. I put them in salads all the time. Enjoy your weekend and the tour.

  3. phew that is hot for Tas, never mind it's sure to be followed by ice and snow! lovely bunch of flowers, a beautiful gift.
    do you get plagued by heaps of off shore spam without word verification? i tried it but the spam drove me crazy.

    1. I just saw that the forecast for tomorrow is now 38! Phew.
      To answer your question, no, I get very little spam, quite rarely in fact :)

    2. how strange, each time i try to remove the word verificn i get overwhelmed with spam and it's all in foreign languages.
      saw your max temp for today - whew, hot!

  4. Wow! Who gives flowers now for a job well done? That's almost unheard of. Lucky you!

  5. I really like that last shot. How nice to receive that pretty bunch of flowers. The home tour sounds interesting - have fun!

  6. Your flowers are always so lovely Sarah! The forecast is for 38 in Melbourne tomorrow too! Too hot for me. Hope you have a nice weekend despite the heat :)

    Abbey x

  7. Delightful flowers, Sarah. Ooh, I'm hoping we can catch up this weekend, then! J x

  8. Those flowers are stunning, but then the simple nasturtium is equally eye catching. Not looking forward to the heat, planning on hiding inside! The pups had a swim at Nutgrove today, which made them both very happy. Hope you have some time off over the weekend! I guess it's too hot to work on the weatherboards? Ps rob is the same about buying flowers for me. Although he came good today with some happy sunflowers to cheer me up.

  9. What a gorgeous bouquet, Sarah!
    Have a great weekend. xo


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