Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lazy days

The weekends have been pretty nice down here in Tassie lately.
We've spent a lot of time outside in the garden.
At the end of the day we'll sit outside and cool down with a drink or two :)

Miss Molly likes to shadow us. Wherever we are, she is not far away. Particularly if there's some stinky compost or fertiliser in use.

I couldn't help myself and had to get some cute shots of the girl wearing my hat.
She was being particularly tolerant as usually she would have attempted eating it.

So cute!

Aww, it all got too much!
The poor girl had to visit the vet yesterday for her booster injections but to also have her sore leg looked at. It appears she has Degenerative Joint Disease (djd), most probably through wear and tear. It's an osteoarthritic condition that covers a range of things such as arthritis and ligament damage. Molly is going to have a course of injections to help improve and maintain the cartilage in her joints but the doc thinks there's s good chance she may need some surgery at some point. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
Our little girl was a bit sooky after her doctor visit yesterday so I had to get myself back in her good books with lots of treats :)
Well, can you believe it's February already? Crazy!


  1. poor Molly, i hope she bears well with her injections. i give little Charlie a ml or so of fish oil daily which helps his arthritis. cold and windy here today - Winter already.

    1. Yes Kaite, I'm off to get some today. I doc said it wouldn't hurt to try :)

  2. Oh poor Molly. She's just a baby. That fish oil idea is a good one. Dogs are so stoic. I'm sure I read somewhere because of their 'pack' history/behaviour dogs only show pain if they are really suffering - because to show weakness earlier or unnecessarily drops the dog further back in the pack. Does that make sense. Maybe I never read that, and I made it up? Who knows. It's early in the day.

    I have a hat just like that one. Molly and I could be twins!

  3. Poor Molly. I hope the injections help improve things. She looks super cute in your hat. Xxx

  4. So cute!

    it's awful when they start to get those sort of problems. Portia has back issues. it is hard seeing them in any pain.

  5. oh poor molly, hope the injections work! i know the people that we get our dog food delivered by (because its locally made, good stuff and cheap!)seel all kinds of oils to add to dry food. And i think there was one that said something about cartilage support. There may be something available over your way that's worth a crack.

    v. cute pics! xx

  6. Hope Miss Molly feels better soon, she looks so cute in your hat!


  7. Poor Molly......i hope she feeling beetre soon...give her a big big huge hug from

  8. She is going to need lots of distracting! Your hat suits her! X

  9. Oh Sarah, poor Molly. Nigella has had hip displaysia since she was 6 months old. She's been on anti-inflamms ever since. Fish Oil and even human glucosamine is meant to help with doggie arthritis. I hope she feels some relief soon.

  10. Aww ... poor Molly, hope the injections help.
    ... she looks so cute in your hat!
    Afternoons outside with a cool drink sound perfect (very hot and humid up here in Qld this summer)
    All the best for the New Year (I know ... crazy ... how can it be Feb already? - lol)

  11. Poor MOlly, hope she gets some good relief. Cute hat.

  12. Oh poor Molly (who is looking ever-cute by the way!!). I hope the shots work for her x


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