Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday furries... a stressful day

A very stressful day as out Molly dog goes to the vet for repeat ACL surgery on her knee.
I'm the meany who gets to drop her off this morning and leave her there. I hate it, but it must be done if she is to have a better chance to be able to walk without a limp and stand with all four feet on the ground.

We still have our mattress on the floor so she won't be jumping up (it's impossible to keep her off the bed) and we have a baby gate to keep her out of certain rooms where she might jump on the couch.
We are going to be tough on her in order to give her a better chance of recovery.
It will not be fun.

Look at that face. We just want her to be happy.
Send us positive doggy leg healing thoughts?
Have a good Friday and I'll be back with an update in the next few days.

(last pic taken by my sister, the others by me)


  1. poor Molly .....i hope she is beter soon.....we wil pray for from me...warm hugs for Molly

  2. oh poor Molly, and poor you. I'm crossing my fingers and Nigella and Claudia are crossing their paws for Molly!

  3. Sending prayers and happy puppy thoughts to Molly. Boy, I don't envy you having to get tough on a baby with a face like that. One sad look from Molly and I'd just melt like butter on a hot day!

  4. Oh no. Poor Molly. I'm so sorry to hear that for all concerned. I am sending all the positivity I can muster! xx

  5. Best wishes Molly, love from Aunty Kaite and cousin Zar

  6. she is beautiful. sending many positive thoughts her way!!!

  7. Sending furry positive thoughts down there. GO MOLLY!!! I'm sure this time surgery will work.


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