Saturday, December 22, 2012

Molly update

Molly loves Christmas. Here she is checking out the gifts under the tree the other day. She checks them on a daily basis and if she gets extra excited, she has been known to do a little early unwrapping - just to help out the gift recipient of course!
She sniffed out her pressies which I had placed on the dining table, so they are now in a new, unreachable spot. I cannot put a pressie in her Christmas stocking until Christmas eve or we just never hear the end of it - she snaps at us, wanting to open it.

So how is her leg?
Well, I thought everything was going really well, up until Thursday. I took her back to the vet last Tuesday who removed the stitches, but did have to draw a heap of fluid out of the knee. Apparently its a common reaction to surgery.
The fluid built up again over the next couple of days and early Thursday morning it popped, leaking fluid everywhere. Nice. I had to wash a tonne of bedding.
So, now she has a hole in her leg where it popped. She had also started limping (very badly) on it again.
It has kept weeping so last night I took her back to the vet who has given her another course of antibiotics. The weeping could be a reaction to the synthetic material that was put in to hold the joints together. We will know when the wound had healed and when the antibiotics are finished. If her body is rejecting the material, it will swell up again. God I hope this is not the case.
Or, perhaps she has pulled the joint when outside for a wee and that's why she is limping. This is not good either as all our hard work will be down the toilet again.
Or, hopefully she is limping due to the hole in her leg causing her pain. (what a weird thing to say!)
I'm feeling really stressed about it and so frustrated after everything seemed to be going well.
Cross your fingers (and everything else) for us that it comes good, please.


  1. Oh no, dammit. I hope it gets better. It's not a stress you need over Christmas. Fingers crossed up here.xo Merry Christmas to you, L, and Molly. I hope you have a wonderful, happy day.

  2. I hope everything will be okee soon for her....poor from me....and the

  3. I pray that Molly will be up and running {pain free and totally healed}within the week! It is horrible knowing your dog is in pain and injured. I hope you all have a wonderful, joyfilled Christmas!

  4. Oh poor Molly and that blasted knee :( I really hope it heals well and the limping stops after the antibiotics kick in x

  5. Oh Molly! Fingers crossed for you she is on the mend ASAP. She certainly deserves these presents for being so brave! x


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