Thursday, March 21, 2013

Changing seasons

The days are really changing and it is starting to feel a lot like the cooler months are coming. There is a freshness, a crispness to the mornings and the sun is coming up later.  I took this photo on Tuesday. We got up early, as usual, but the sun was just on her way. And yes, I intentionally blurred it!

We really did had a good summer here in Hobart. Often we feel like we miss out, but there were a lot of days we complained about being too hot and that maybe we need an air conditioner.
Soon we will be complaining that we are cold. I do like that about Tasmania, we really do feel the seasons. We get to wear summery clothes and we get to wear comfy long boots in winter (one of the best things about winter). Which reminds me, time to get the chimney swept and a few loads of firewood ordered so we can get the fire going.
Do I have a favourite season? No, I don't think so. I like each one for different reasons.
Do you have a favourite? 
Those of you in the tropics, do you miss the seasons?


  1. Lovely photo. I love summer and the warmer months in general. Like you we have had a real summer in Melbourne this year. I do love fires and boots and scarves for a while, but a couple of months of winter would be enough for me. It seems to linger on and on sometimes! x

  2. Isn't the cooler weather lovely Sarah!!!!!! I'm so looking forward to cold nights and coolish days again

    While i like Summer, this one just gone has been awful for me...i just couldn't seem to get cool!!! Anyway, it's looking up now.

  3. I have been really surprised moving from Canberra to regional Queensland, that we do have real seasons. They are a little different but the pecan tree yellows in autumn and loses them in winter. The jacarandas and poincianas have distinct flowering, seeding and leaf losing according to the seasons too. Poinsettias flower in the winter and so do certain other trees and bushes. It is more colourful than the south in winter but true to season. We get the occasional frost and it is cold enough to need a heater and some warm woolliness in winter. I love autumn whereever I am, it's always my favourite season..with the cool crisp mornings and still warm enough's my heaven!

  4. Being from Wellington, I never thought I would be saying this but, yes I am looking forward to those cooler days. Or maybe just more days like today, where it is stunning blue sky and no wind, but definitely feels cooler and crisp. It has been an amazing summer here - we're on water restrictions which is absolutely unheard of for Wellington. Remind me of what I'm wishing for when you catch me moaning about the freezing weather in the middle of winter! xx

  5. Coming from Hobart and now being in Qld, I was surprised at the fact that the seasons here are still quite pronounced. Winter in Qld is lovely. Sunny days in the low 20s, cool nights for wood fires (for a few months, anyway) and that nice cool smell in the air. Summer here can be hell though. Whereas, as you say, I remember many a Summer in Hobart where we didn't actually get a summer. However, I desperately miss the late daylight hours of Hobart in Summer. Nothing like a beer down at Salamanca in the daylight at 8pm!

  6. Hi, I've run into your blog and I've loved it. Here you are a new follower from Spain



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