Monday, March 18, 2013


We visited the vet this morning for a checkup on Molly's leg. As most of you will know, Molly had a second cruciate ligament surgery last December and then early January had stem cell injections into the joint. As part of the stem cell procedure we have checkups and fill in questionnaires regarding Molly's improvements. The questionnaires assist the stem cell company with research.

Well, the vet was very pleased with her. She even thinks the joint itself has reduced in size, which I was wondering the other day. Her knee was very large, or thick, as the vet put it. She felt sure it had reduced in size, which is good.

She told me today that Molly was in fact the first pooch to have the treatment at the vet and since her, they have treated 3 other dogs. You can see in the last image (above) when she sits, or begs, her leg (on the right) does sit out. She is unable to bend it like the other one, but it doesn't seem to bother her too much.

So, all in all that's pretty good news. We go back in 2 months for another check up and assuming the stem cells are doing their thing, the knee should continue to show some improvement for the next few months.
Do you know they are beginning to do this treatment in humans? Who has their hand up?

So, that's a pretty good start to the week, so is selling some of my goodies on Etsy last night. It's always nice to wrap up a parcel and send it off to its new owner.
Have a great week!


  1. I didn't know they are starting this treatment on humans. That's interesting. So Molly is a real trailblazer. She is looking very cute! x

  2. Molly is so cute! And so much hair - I thought brushing my long haired Border Collie was a task! :D
    Hope everything continues to go with with Molly. Have a lovely week!
    Sarah x

  3. It is good to hear that Molly is mending well, she must feel so much better too. It is always a relief to us human parents when our pets are happy.

  4. That is one gorgeous dog! Glad to her she's on the mend. We've had our old girl (10yo German Shorthaired Pointer) at the vet this week as well. She's had a few warts cut out and the silly bugger has split the stitches on one so back to the vet we go tomorrow! She also got back blood test result which were perfect so that was a huge relief.
    And in response to you question last time, nope I don't have a blog. But am very much tempted to. As a 37 year old gardening and flowering tragic, it is hard to find like minded gardening people of a similar age and the gardening/garden related blogs I read (including this one) are very inspiring! Plus it's nice to know I'm not the only "young" person into old house restoration and my garden/flowers.
    PS. Your roses from your last post are just stunning. I love their faded petals. I thought for a moment one was 'Julia's Rose' a very unusual parchment coloured bloom. Have you thought of using some of your flower images for prints including printing onto fabric?

    1. Hi Stella, thank you. We love her to bits. She has such personality. I am so pleased your pooch's blood test came back all good. These pets are such a worry!
      You should definitely start a blog! I would happily read it. It is also nice to meet local bloggers with similar interests. I tell you what, my garden is looking so sad at the moment. Sooo much work to do. Trees to trim. A good job for Easter.
      Yes, I am familiar with Julia's Rose, mum has/had it in her garden. The rose was very similar to it actually.
      I have thought about using my flower images in fabric. I just need slightly better (who am I kinding - much better) photoshop skills. I should try it though as I think it could look lovely.
      Thanks for dropping by :)

  5. Awww, she's adorable!! I hope she feels good!! ;-) PS: We are both in the Blog Boss class!! ;-))

  6. That all sounds really positive Sarah. I'm sure you were quite relieved. She does look comical with her leg sticking out like that - lots ofpersonality! xx


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