Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mona visit

I have been so slow to post these pics! I popped out to one of the Saturday markets at MONA museum a short while ago and was rather taken with these tepee installations.
Above and below are images taken of a display case featuring bits and bobs from the studio of Archibald Prize winning artist, Geoff Dyer. I remember visiting his studio many years ago and had thoughts of artist Jackson Pollock - it was so messy. Makes me look like a neat freak - and that's saying something!

Below is part of his installation too. All these little paint tubes were set out on the floor in the tepee. I just loved this! Almost like order and chaos at the same time.

Above - the top of a tepee

The next installation/tepee featured colonial style artworks of native animals set up like an altar.

This last tepee was filled with strips of fabric and gold painted bits and pieces. Unfortunately I am not sure who created it.

Ok, so they're slightly kooky and not everyone's cup of tea, but I found them so interesting!
It's always good to see something that's out of your comfort zone as I'm sure that's how you get new, fresh ideas. Anything here take your fancy?

Well, it's almost Easter! Exciting. 
I will be back on Friday with some Eastery goodness :)


  1. It all looks great. I have to try and get to Mona one day! x

  2. What a great installation. I love how the light enhances the bits on the walls.

  3. I love installation art. That looks really interesting! Have a great Easter long weekend. x

    PS: I'm currently hosting a new Fitskin giveaway, open to Australian residents only and I hope you will enter!

  4. I love going around museums, even though i don't like modern art very much...
    What are you doing on easter? I think i'll have a movie marathon with the furry babies. Hi Molly!!

  5. oh my goodness love all of those images, so inspiring.......i would of loved to of seen it for reals hehehe
    smooch hope you had a fab easter lisa xx


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