Monday, March 25, 2013


It's always a good idea to start off the week with something pretty to look at. I took these photos a few weeks ago and shared on Instagram, but I like to see them a bit bigger so here they are.
I love the subtleties of colour and the sense of fragility.
Yay for a short working week this week. I do love Easter as I find it's a nice quiet time. Not to mention the chocolate...
Well, have a great week my friends. I hope you like these photos and I will be back with a couple of Easter posts.


  1. Such soft, pretty colours
    I'm looking forward to this little mini holiday too - and the chocolate
    Mail done too!!

  2. Love the roses wrapped in newspaper. So pretty

  3. Yes a break will be very good. I had the intention of buying flowers yesterday at my local market but couldn't get a parking spot! I'll just enjoy your roses instead x

  4. Lovely !!!....enjoy the eater week

  5. Beautiful! Happy Easter to you! xx

  6. Truly beautiful roses, and such glorious muted colours. I do agree that bigger pics pack more punch :)

  7. It's so nice to see those beautiful roses, Sarah. This is kind of an unattractive season here - not much colour yet, and lots of brown and dusty things. Thanks for sharing!


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