Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday flowers ...fading roses

Yay for Friday. This week has seemed a little long, but then I still have a weekend of work to go.
Looking at these beautiful roses makes me feel better.

I take so many photographs these days that I forget what I have shown you all. In fact I am realising now, there are some other shots I should have shown you before these ones, which are when the blooms were almost a week old, Oh well.

I love the frailty of these blooms, with ruffled and slightly bruised edges to their petals.
I could photograph them all day!
I hope you are all well. Anything good planned for the weekend?
As I mentioned, I'm at work, so have some fun for me!


  1. Beautiful flowers !!!...lovely

  2. Lovely images of lovely flowers! I agree this week has gone on forever!!! xx

  3. These photographs are really pretty. I love how they look all rustic in that silver jar.

  4. Stunning photography Sarah. They look gorgeous in the jug x

  5. Pretty, pretty, pretty! There is something sweet and sad about seeing the faded glory of roses..time passing that will never be redeemed, I think. I hope your weekend of work passes quickly though!

  6. Your talent is boundless, my friend. Keep them coming! J x

  7. you are getting really good at photograph ~ can you teach me how to use my camera. lol.
    Beautiful blooms!!!

  8. Stunning images. And yes, the flowers' fragility makes them all the more attractive :)


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