Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday flowers and a vegie patch update

These beautiful David Austin roses called Strawberry Hills are blooming in the backyard.

They're a lot brighter than usual.

They smell divine.

Not a whole lot of action in the vegie patch at the moment.
Below are some brussels sprouts that are slowly growing. This one has so far survived the onslaught from slugs.

I also have quite a few broccoli plants that are so far doing ok.

Last year they were attacked by bright green slugs so I have begun what I plan on being regular doses of Seasol. I've heard it helps. I'm really not a fan of sprays, slug pellets or anything that kills bugs for that matter - I'd prefer to 'discourage' than kill :)

Below is my other completely neglected patch. You can see some silverbeet that I keep forgetting to use (naughty me) and baby beetroot that I have been roasting (yum!).
I must do some work here and get it ready for broad beans and lots of peas. In fact, it's almost time to start these little guys germinating.

Well, there you have it, a bit of messy reality.
What have you guys got growing in your vegie patch?
Speaking of gardens, I am excited to have planted another couple of rose bushes. But that's for another post.
Have a great Friday and even better weekend. Think of me sitting at work over the weekend freezing my little butt off!


  1. I honestly love your flower pics....I can almost smell them through the screen - have a great weekend, Sarah :)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Love those roses and the thought of roasting beetroot made my mouth water! Enjoy your weekend. Emma.

  3. You have such a green thumb Sarah. Your garden is amazing. I have just planted some Kale in a pot with other flowers more for decoration so we shall see how it goes. I would love to try growing brocoli one day, just need to get the veggie patch sorted. Enjoy your weekend and rug up! Don't work too hard. ;-)

  4. oh you have colour in your garden, such a vibrant pink, perfect for this dull time of year! Baby beet, mmm they would be really good too. Hope you have a great weekend : )

  5. Those roses are so lovely! I have just planted two bare rooted David Austins... I hope they grow up to be just like yours!!! Happy weekend! X

  6. I love seeing your garden Sarah. It's like a virtual wander in a lovely space. My courtyard takes approximately 20 seconds to get around, and is devoid of anything much at the moment, so to visit yours is a treat :)

  7. oh how i have missed your friday flowers.......too cool, loving the vege patch too wish i had one {one day} i just have my own herbs growing have a great weekend lisa xx

  8. Those flowers are magnificent! You've inspired me to do some gardening. I think I'm going to go and re-pot my herbs today...Ange

  9. Such a gorgeous David Austin rose and your photographs are stunning.
    My vege patch is doing very well, silverbeet, french beans, leeks and tomatoes and plenty of herbs. Have never grown broccoli though - I might be inspired to put some in. :)
    Have a fantastic weekend.


  10. I love when you share snippets of your garden with us - wish I could see it in person, your roses are stunning. Our vegie patch has been a bit neglected too - the lettuces have all taken off (haven't been using them frequently enough) - my pak choi is going good, my beans and leeks are a bit slow. Hope your weekend is a lovely one x

  11. Beautiful roses and i can smell them from here.

    I'm picking broccoli, pac choy and bok choy, and today i planted 8 more broccoli. I've also got caulis, cabbage, beetroot, red onions and silver beet growing. I use a spray for my broccolis, it's called Success, by Yates, it's organic and doesn't harm anyone else. Without it i wouldn't be able to pick any of my broccoli/cabbage family, too many white cabbage butterflies here for most of the year. Not now tho, that's one good thing about strong frosts.

  12. Gorgeous roses! But brussel sprouts ...? Sorry, can't eat those but I am impressed with your vege garden!

  13. Your roses are gorgeous as always and your vegies look so healthy! Mine got so brussels didn't survive the slugs :( or cabbage moth butterflies!

  14. The roses are just stunning Sarah. I LOVE brussel sprouts, particularly baby ones with a bit of butter and salt and pepper, YUM. Hope work isn't too cold, xx Katherine

  15. SarahB,

    those roses look so heavy! They're beautiful.

    I'm glad to read you like to discourage creatures rather than kill them outright with chemicals, particularly when you have to eat what you're spraying! Though I'm guilty of spraying the equivalent of napalm about the place when it's required.

    Having said that, a ladybug is a great weapon against aphids.

  16. I always love your Friday flowers, these are so... gorgeous. What a stunning pink. Oh and another one who's envious of your veggie patch ;-)

    Now I feel like hot Brussels sprouts with salt and butter yummo.

    Have a great weekend xxx

  17. Oh, Sarah, I can't wait to have you over to our new PB HQ to pass on your green thumb tips to novice me! J x

  18. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting today.. Your roses are spectacular, the colour! We only have herbs on the grow at the moment, but i hear that Rosemary, sage, dill, and mint are fantastic for keeping the bugs off your broccoli? Have a great weekend.


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