Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Molly and the glowing bone

Molly wanted to show you all her mystical glowing bone.
I wanted to show you all how much I'd love a new camera.

Look at those eyes. She looks very hard done by for a very very spoilt doggy.

Here's the glowing bone highly camouflaged under a small pile of wood chips in the backyard. Better than being hidden in my garden beds. Thankfully she doesn't do that often.

While were on the subject of frustratingly unclear and strangely exposed photographic images, here are a few more gems for you all. Molly and I went shopping for dog biscuits and bones at the new Pet Barn that's opened up in Hobart. Pets are welcome to go shopping.

She was so excited by all the fantastic smells that I could barely keep hold of her. Hence the profusion of super blurry shots. Here she is selecting some stinky liver treats...

Lyndon refused to come with me as he was sure it was going to be an embarrassing shopping experience. He was convinced our innocent little girl was going to rip bones and chew toys from the shelves. I'm very pleased to report she didn't attempt to pilfer at all.

I can't really blame Lyndon for his wariness as a few years ago we took Molly to the Sorell Market for a look. She tried to take toys off a stall and even tried to pull a big stuffed toy from a little girl who screamed when she realised what was happening. Seriously embarrassing.

Look at her with her head in amongst the toys. How cute!
Thankfully no-one was shopping with their pet cat at the same time as us. That could have been interesting.
If the universe happens to be reading this blog...please please can you send me a nice new DSLR?
Those of you in Australia, try to keep warm! And those of you in the northern hemisphere - you lucky warm things!
Take care xx


  1. What a fantastic shopping trip for Molly! Why should people have all the fun? That glowing bone is terrific! It made me laugh to see her try and hide it under those wood chips! I like the blurry shots, they show the excitement of the outing!!! Mind you, I understand about wanting a new camera, I want a new camera too! X

  2. Sorry no new camera for you! You are already taking the best shots with yours!

    What a laugh - I am with your husband though and would have refused to venture out shopping to a pet store with a pet - especially with a history. Hehe!

    Great post and fab photos Sarah.
    Pam x

  3. Molly looks like she had a ball. I am not sure that I would be game enough to take Boss because he would be so excited and wanting to play with everyone and everything. xx

  4. That is one cute dog! Thanks for commenting on my cushions, too and to answer your question, I got the remnants from the Cloth shop in Sydney but as you're in Tassie you could phone them and see if they would post you some. They post out normal fabric orders if you can't make it to the store so you may be lucky ...?

  5. Shes a gorgeous pooch! Im sending you some good vibes for a new camera (Hope its there soon!)

  6. How funny! I was laughing reading this. Makes sense to be able to take your dog to a pet store!

    You can't tell me your photos are suffering because of your camera!? You're still taking tremendous shots!

    But I bet it'd be nice to get a new one! Sigh.

  7. Bet Molly loved it! We took Asha to 'City Farmers' over here and she thought she was in doggy heaven with all those bones and toys around :)

  8. I laughed and laughed, seriously funny stuff.

  9. I thought it was going to be a spooky post Sarah. About a spooky bone. What a crime it is that you don't have a DSLR. You of all people should have one. xx

  10. Molly is super cute. I wonder if she sits and reflects on her big adventure and dreams of the next time you will take her? xx Katherine

  11. What great fun. Molly looks like she is having a ball. I hope the universe finds its way clear to drop off a DSLR at your place. Mind you, I thought you were already using one.

  12. Yeah, I don't know about being lucky. I'd rather have some of that cold air about now. It would make me more productive.
    Molly must have had a great time. I feel so happy just looking at the pictures and imagining what it was like for her.
    I will send good DSLR thoughts your way and hopefully that will help.


  13. Hilarious! Why shouldn't you take your pet shopping for stuff for them? I've just been catching up on some blog reading this morning and enjoyed the post about Molly's walk in the creek too - she must have been freezing!

  14. That bone looks radioactive. Molly is so gorgeous. I always love the expressions from dogs eyebrows. They say so much!

  15. Ooh Sarah I hope the universe sends you an slr!! If only I was able to get my 5d now you could have mine. But I'm sure you want a better one than mine! Molly is so sweet, i bet she loved the shopping trip.

  16. Molly to tooo cute! That bone is pretty Awesome! I have a cannon slr and I want something a little less complicated. : )
    Have a great weekend


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