Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vintage bits

Warning: image overload.
I acquired a few new old vintage pieces lately.

I bought this old chemical bottle from a little store called Rust and Co.
I printed out and attached a vintage label to make it look a little more interesting.

This cute Australian silver plated milk jug was too cute to leave at the tip shop at a mere $3.50.
I know, how could I not bring it home? I like its simplicity and it makes a nice vessel for some pretty iceberg roses.

I think my birdies approve.

My last acquisition was given to me by Mum and Dad. It's a great little old camera, owned and presumably used by one of my relatives many years ago.

I love the detailing.

So, some nice bits to add to the collection.
By the way, thank you for your comments about the market. I will be giving more details soon. I have so much to do!
Keep warm xx


  1. Such lovely wee additions Sarah and great photos to show them off too! You did the right thing bringing that jug home. xx

  2. Oh I love photo overloads! Love your new additions :)

  3. Your new treasures are all wonderful, Sarah! Your camera is amazing and how special to know that it has been loved by someone in your family...and now by you:) Enjoy your Wednesday~ xx

  4. What gorgeous things for your home! I love the jug and the label you've added to the bottle makes a wonderful addition. How special for you to now own that camera x

  5. Wonderful photos, I love how you've made them look vintage.
    Lovely bottle, and that label is gorgeous!
    Congrats on your successful fair application mentioned in your last post - that'll keep you busy but you have lots of time to prepare!
    Good Luck Sarah!!
    Gill xx

  6. Oh, Sarah, we have to go shopping together some time soon! I have been meaning to get to Courtney's shop for ages - that bottle is a gorgeous find. You clever cookie, thinking of printing out that old label to add to it. Ooh, I need a printer! And that milk jug just is divine. Time to make a date, my friend ☺. J x

  7. That camera is a beauty - so perfect for you! xx

  8. Love your finds Sarah, I haven't been to rust & co for ages so I should go again! Your roses are lovely too, I've noticed a few blooms coming out around the place this week, even a tiny bit of blossom in st david's park which I walk through every day so I'm quite excited about that!

  9. Oh wow, that bottle looks sensational, what a brilliant bit of tweaking to make it your own. Love Posie

  10. I love the bottle and I looooove the label. I have a little milk jug very similar to that! xx

  11. oooh.. I love them all. The photos look great also!
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Your photos are amazing - so evocative and I love the handmade label - I thought it was authentic!

  13. That bottle is fantastic! I love it with that label & your flowers! Your camera is a total treasure too! X


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