Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday flowers

For this Friday we have some very cheery polyanthus that I recently planted in the front yard.
I love the thin white edge on the one above.

Some glowing daisies which never stop flowering.

Happy little flowers and I just love the blue colours.

And just because I can, here are a couple of random shots I took last evening whilst sitting in traffic on my way home.

Yay for weekends off. It looks like miserable weather so hopefully I can get some crafting action happening.
Hopefully you all have something nice to do too?
Thanks for all of your cute comments about Molly. She's been under the weather this week with a very upset tummy.  She was very excited last night when I made her a dinner of rice and bbq'd chook. She inhaled it!
Anyway, have a good one bloggies!


  1. That first flower is so pretty with its white trim. How exciting you have the weekend off to get stuck into some projects - we're going to buy bricks for our garden path tomorrow and apart from some housework, I too have some little projects to work on, yay!

  2. oh poor Molly, i hope she gets well again soon, it must have been that visit to the doggie toy shop - too much excitement. Charlie sends a cheerio >^^<

  3. I agree with Amanda, that first flower is so pretty. Love the way you have made them glow.Poor Molly, I hope she feels better soon.Have a lovely weekend Sarah.

  4. Oh, Sarah, you have such a knack of taking stunning photos of flowers. And blue and white - my favourite, of course! This weather is so foul - I can't believe how much snow is on the Mountain! J x

  5. Hope Molly is feeling better, maybe it was her scary glowy bone!

  6. poor Molly ~ hope that she is feeling better. Gorgeous Friday Flowers!!!

  7. Oh hi, i'm at your blog while you're at mine!! I take the odd snap from the car, i do wonder what people might think?? Love how you took those images of flowers, love Posie

  8. Love the pics - and the flowers are gorgeous. Happy w'end to you too x


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