Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In my studio + thank you

Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for your kind words at the passing of little Charlie dog. Charlie lived with Mum and Dad and was an important family member. Your lovely comments were so thoughtful and caring. What a great bunch of people you all are. xx

I wanted to share some images of the work in my studio.
A necessary thing in my workspace is a good cup of tea. I just love this cup and saucer. 
 I am so enjoying making my stationary but have had an order from Handmark Gallery for jewellery so have had to pull out my thumb.

Vintage optometrist lenses that I've been making into pendants.

Bits of chain that I've made, my thumb vice (for holding wire) and my jeweller's saw.

There's that washi tape again.

My vintage printing letters.

Some mini garland made from washi tape.

Strips of colour for my cards and tags.

Finished gift tags. I rather like these little guys.

A nice little spot in my studio with my lovely new Rob Ryan tile, a special gift from a wonderful friend recently.
I am building myself up to a market stall later in the year (hopefully) but before that I'll be having a mini giveaway of some of my stationary. I'd love some feedback from you guys. More about that soon!
ps. a little update on Molly... I'm not sure if the antibiotics are making her feel a bit off colour, but she had me up to go outside or just for a pat 6 times last night. She's feeling very needy. It would be a lot easier if she could tell me how she feels. Her poops have improved so I'm hoping she's on the mend. Let's hope we get a good night's sleep tonight :)


  1. I just love that Rob Ryan tile! And your studio bits and pieces just look like heaven. Hopefully Molly will be better soon - getting up 6 times on a cold winter's night is hard going. xx

  2. i'm so sorry i missed the blog about charlie and sorry for the loss.......it's amazing how our pets/animals become so much our family, and i hope molly gets better real soon......smooch lisa xx

  3. Loved seeing some snippets of your workspace. That tile is lovely and are they origami flowers I spy? I have a washi tape garland saved in my 'nursery inspiration' folder. I would love to find some printer's blocks like yours - I'd love to spell out 'home' for our entryway. Hope Molly gets better soon and that you have a less interrupted night's sleep tonight x

  4. Such inspiration that studio of yours Sarah. I do love those little doily tags of yours - and as I'm already the very lucky owner of one of your optometry pendants I'm so happy that others like them as much as I do!
    Hope Molly is feeling better tonight - maybe she is missing Charlie?
    P.S The Block FINALLY started here last night. I'm hooked in well and truly already! Amanda x

  5. Sorry to hear Mollie isnt well - i hope she picks up soon.
    Lovely to get an insight into your studio and your work. I love the gift tags!
    Thanks for your comment on mine and for entering the giveaway!
    Gill xx

  6. I love a peek into someones studio. I am very nosy like that. Yours looks most interesting.

  7. hi Sarah, re Molly - is she on cortisone? if she is then they make doggies need to go out for a wee more than usual and it's often urgent. Otherwise she might have a tummy ache, can you hear wind in her tum?

  8. Your creations look fantastic! I love those tags especially! It is great to look at your studio... I am always curious about where others work! X

  9. Hi Kaite, she's on Flagyl and I reckon she had a belly ache. She's a bit gassy so that's fun. I appreciate everyone's concern :)

  10. I tried to leave a comment several times yesterday, but blogger wasn't behaving. Sorry to hear of the loss of Charlie. Thanks for sharing your studio happenings, looks busy. Hope Molly feels better very soon, poor pup.

  11. I spy some lovely Lisa stickley pieces Sarah! Did you put an order in?! I look forward to checking out your necklaces in handmark, I think there is a good new exhibition opening on Friday. Also how exciting a market stall, will def be visiting you!

  12. Ah, loving the snaps, Sarah. I've just hunted that fab Rob Ryan tile down on Etsy and have asked him if he can make it in celadon for me! I hope Molly's on the mend. J x

  13. Love seeing all your studio pieces Sarah. Ooo! Polka dot tea cup, washi tape, craft supplies and Rob Ryan :)


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