Monday, July 4, 2011

Five quick questions with Katrina from The Block!

Image via Katrina's blog. Amie on left, Katrina on right.

As many of you will know, I am an avid follower of the television show The Block. I'm even more excited this year that fellow blogger Katrina Chambers is one of the contestants along with her sister Amie!
Katrina was very lovely to answer a few questions for me about her experience on the show...

1 How did you decide on the type of room for your first room? We were confused for the first couple of days and had no idea. But we soon realised what should go where and the layout of the house came to us. Scott Cam gave us an insight and then we were able to sort out the layout. Why a guest room instead of master bedroom? Our master bedroom was going to be somewhere else special in the house - you'll have to wait and see!
2 Did you and your sister Amie learn new things about each other during the process?Amie and I have always been really close. We have never competed against each other and we are very protective. We did get asked this question lots and we both said, no, we didn't learn anything new. We knew everything about each other already We were comfortable with each other and it showed. There were no surprises and this is how we were able to live together successfully for 8 weeks! Although, I toss and turn at night and she doesn't move in the bed. Yes, we HAD to sleep together!

3 Do you think the tradies treated you a bit differently to the other couples because you are women? Some did, absolutely. Some were awful. But then we also had a bunch of great and supportive tradies who knew Amie and I were doing it tougher than any female on the block. They really took us under their wing and helped us get through 8 weeks of mayhem. If so, how? You'll have to wait to watch this bit!

4 Worst aspect about The Block? Missing my husband and kids. But their support from home was enormous.

5 The best thing? I have learnt so much about what I can do. I now know that anything is possible. Good things come to people who try hard.

Image via Katrina's blog. Katrina in her stylish reno attire

Thanks so much Katrina! I can't wait to watch the rest of the show and see how your rooms come together. You and Amie are such a hoot!
Might even get some good tips for here at Molly's Maison... Tonight is the first room reveal and I'm really looking forward to seeing them all.
Have a great week friends xx


  1. I'm totally addicted to The Block this year. What a great idea for a post. Thanks for the hit Sarah! xx

  2. Oh that is really cool to have a blogger on the block! I haven't watched it all all, I keep meaning to because I think I would really like it, but then to watch it online you have to download some microsoft thingy majigy and I couldn't be bothered but tonight I will remember : )
    Have a great week Sarah.

  3. It's been a tough choice between The Block and MasterChef for me but Katrina and Amie are tipping the scales for sure!

  4. Great post Sarah, I am addicted to the block and loving this type of post. Go girls!

  5. How exciting, great interview Sarah. Will have to tune into the show now! Hope you had a lovely weekend!:-)

  6. Hey Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing this insightful interview with Katrina.
    They have really injected something special into this year's series and I can. not. wait for tonight's reveal.

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  7. yay.......i love the block and watching the sisters reminds me of me and my sister, thanks for sharing sarah hope your having a wonderful mon lisa xx

  8. Good things... sure do. Good luck girls! A-M xx

  9. I've been loving this series of The Block too, especially with our bloggy friend Katrina on there! Can't wait to see her room reveal tonight. Thanks for sharing this interview x

  10. Thanks for sharing this interview! I have to admit I've never watched the block but I think I should now!

  11. I am addicted to the block! Great q&a's! I am savoring every snippet of info and I am on team Katrina & Amie! Go girls! Can't wait until seven o'block tonight! X

  12. Great post Sarah, I am loving the show too. What a shame the girls were piped by 1/2 a point tonight. Lets hope the next room see it in the bag for them. ;-)

  13. Great interview and really great questions! I also interviewed Katrina, you might like to stop by and see it

  14. I'm really enjoying The Block again this year. The room reveal was interesting last night - great to see everyone's personal style. Thanks for sharing more info on Katrina & Amie's experience. Ange

  15. Hi Sarah. What a fabulous interview with Katrina! Thanks for sharing:) The Rubie household is glued to 'The Block' and we are loving getting to see Katrina & Amie work their magic on their house. Go girls!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Sarah ~ Txx


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