Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday flowers... in the garden

It has been ages since I have posted any shots of the garden.
Here is the flower bed down the side fence out in the backyard. The roses are all in bud, sweetpeas are flowering, as are aquilegia, cornflowers, the last of the spring bulbs and foxgloves. It's fairly unruly but I like it.

The foxgloves, if you ask Lyndon, are a huge pest, but they do flower well and provide nice height in the garden.

Out the front, the icebergs are starting to explode into bloom. My two standards are so heavy with buds I wonder how on earth they stand up. In fact, the one below is tethered to the house to stop it falling over! The lobelia below it is so pretty, but the spent bulbs in amongt it do make it all look a bit messy.

Out in the vegie patch I have a few things under way.
Here you can see my raspberries and broad beans. Sheesh, look at that bloody ivy in the background. Out. Of. Control. Must attack that soon...

I've also got zucchini, corn, silverbeet, lettuce, peas, potatoes and runner beans on the go.
This year we have planted our tomatoes in pots. In the couple of weeks I have potted them up, they are growing well.

I have a big yellow variety, mini black Russian, one that I can't remember the name of but is very tasty, and two 'new to me' heirloom varieties - one is Deutsche Fleiss and the other I cannot remember at the moment.
What have you got growing in the patch?
Have a lovely weekend friends. I have the weekend off work, but will spend it making bits for my market stall. It's only 3 weekends away!


  1. The vege garden is sounding great Sarah. And how could you not have foxgloves, they're fabulous x

  2. Such a gorgeous colourful mix. Love your tall fox's gloves, i have miniature ones which are pretty but i'd like more height.
    From the vegie patch i'm picking broccolini, asparagus, lots of leafies, broad beans, strawbs, and nearly the red onions, plus herbs of course.
    Have a lovely weekend, k.

  3. Beautiful garden happy weekend from

  4. Gorgeous garden! Love all of your flowers. Next year, I'm hoping to plant flowers and natives around the garden. All the best with the market!

  5. I simply adore the casual, messy, beautiful chaos of a cottage garden - and yours is lovely.
    We've just planted tomatoes and the spinach and strawberries went crazy while we were away.... And the raspberries...yay!!

  6. I love your flowers! I can't really grow other flowers than roses in my garden, I have a very strange soil. Green plants grow fast and strong, but with flowers I have a problem. I didn't even have tomatoes this year, didn't have much time to look after them with the shop and everything.but I have many edible plants that don't require much care and those look great!!

  7. Oh I love foxgloves and wish I'd planted some now. Why doesn't Lyndon like them, do they seed? Gardening is such a joy!

  8. It looks so gorgeous Sarah! Love a Hobart cottage garden. It's not a look you can really do up here where everything gets overgrown in six seconds.

  9. I love your garden, I'm a bit of a neat freak, but am coming around to having things a little less structured! We concentrated so much on bulbs this year, next year we'll need to plant more annuals and perennials.
    A friend gave us a selection of tomato seedlings, so hopefully they go ok, we haven't had a brilliant track record with tomatoes, we tend to get a bit slack with watering and then they get all sick and skanky looking! She also gave us some chocolate capsicums! Not sure if it refers to their colour or taste. We've been clearing out a few beds in the veggie patch (brassicas and old lettuce that's starting to bolt) so will be planting lots of beans, some lebanese cucumbers and more lettuce I think. We have our sweetcorn going, zucchini, potatoes, butter beans and a new crop of parsnips. The cutest little radishes are just coming online now.

  10. Just sublime, Sarah. Must visit. Soonish. J x

  11. I love your garden updates :) Ours is looking the best it has ever at the moment I think - everything is still fairly green, weed free and mulched and with our frangipani trees starting to flower, things are looking less bare. Our vegetable patch currently has lettuce, radishes, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, English spinach and beetroot growing alongside a whole bunch of my usual herbs which are thriving. I've given up on my snow peas though and have planted a passionfruit vine instead to grow along the trelis behind our patch :)


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