Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday furries... Molly and her leg

I thought it time for a Molly update. As many of you will be aware, Molly had her ACL operated on back in March. Basically, she had partially torn the ligament and when she walked the lower bone in her leg slipped behind the upper, causing pain.
You can read about it all here. It was not fun.

(Demanding I share my icecream - yes, I did)
Well, a few weeks ago it seems she had torn it again, though it is hard to tell. All we knew is that she was three legs. We restricted her movement as much as possible, no walks and kept her inside during the day so all she could do was rest.
She had trips to the vet for a course of Cartrophen and pain relief/anti-inflammatories.
We even took our bed apart and are currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor, so she doesn't hurt her leg jumping onto the bed.
Well, it hasn't worked :(
I have now booked her in for a repeat of the surgery in 2 weeks time. I am not looking forward to it at all, but hope we can be better this time at keeping her quiet during recuperation, thus giving her a better chance at recovery. I feel like we were a little slack last time, not as tough on her as we should have been regarding jumping on the bed and such, which compromised her recovery.
So, that's were it is at.

Anyway, it's Friday and that's a great thing. I have the weekend off thankfully, but it also means I will be slaving behind the sewing machine getting my goodies ready for the market in a week's time!!! Eeekkk! I still haven't told you about it, but will share asap :)


  1. I love your commitment to precious Molly. Hopefully everything goes smoothly this time and she can get back to being herself.
    Have a great (if busy) weekend!

  2. Oh the poor baby girl, I do feel sorry for her and the two of you as well.
    I hope the next round of surgery will fix it. It's very hard to stop them jumping around, so don't be too hard on yourselves.
    Sunny sends lots of love and puppy kisses. xx

  3. Poor Molly girl. Best wishes it all goes better this time and she's back to her old self. She's a lucky girl, being so adored by her humans xx

  4. Hope it all goes well, have a lovely weekend.x

  5. Poor Molly and poor you guys. I'm sorry that you have to do the op again, fingers crossed this time it's more successful. It is very hard to keep dogs still. Are you able to take some time off to be with her? The lengths we got to for our furry friends!!
    I've been meaning to thank you all week for your offer of cuttings of your red flowering plants. If it's not too much trouble I'd love some!

  6. Oh poor Molly.....i will pray for her darling.....i hope everything will goed well with love ...and warm hugs for Molly !!

  7. Oh i'm so sorry to hear about Molly's leg letting her down again. I do hope it will be more successful this time.

  8. Vi faccio tantissimi auguri:)
    Gli angeli della guarigione l'aiuteranno a superare anche questa difficoltà. Coraggio.
    Un abbraccio Glori

  9. oh the poor girl! hope the next op does the trick xx

  10. Poor Molly. Hope the little sweetheart gets better soon.

  11. Molly sounds like she's in the same boat as me with the bung knee and anti-inflammatories :) Poor doggy :( I hope this next op fixes things once and for all for her and that her recovery is restful xx


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