Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday flowers... the roses are blooming

Yay for Friday. I'm so happy to see the roses in my garden are all starting to bloom. I find it really exciting, even if I have seen them all before. I didn't plant any new roses this year, maybe I'll squeeze in one or two new ones next year?
Above is potentially my favourite, Scentimental. I have posted this rose numerous times on this blog. I just adore it and it always reminds me of my beloved Auntie Ila. I think I've told the story before that when I was visiting with her some friends dropped in with a big bunch of roses from their garden and this rose was amongst them. I had to add it to my garden. You should too! It is the healthiest rose, flowers so well. You just can't beat it.

Above is Pascali. I grew this from a cutting I took from Auntie Ila's garden quite a few years ago. It is a perfect bud, but in a bit of warmth tends to blow open very quickly. Its stamens are very beautiful though :)

Above is the David Austin rose, Lady of Megginch. The form and colour of this rose is absolutely stunning, but it only has quite a faint fragrance. It let is off due to its beauty.

And lastly, another rose I have posted quite a few times before. This is Angel Face. The colour is beautiful and sometimes the edges get a darker tint. I like this against the textures of the old, crappy fence.

My hedge of Iceberg roses along the front fence have SO many buds, they are about to explode into bloom. Exciting. I will take some pics soon.
How are your roses doing?
Have a lovely weekend my friends :)


  1. I do love roses and hope to plant some here one day but not sure if they will do so well in QLD. Yours are beautifull as always and I would love to see the hedge of icebergs - love that look. ;-)

  2. Love your roses Darling.....enjoy spring.......happy

  3. I am a roseaholic so needless to say I too get v excited at this time of year....oh, the promise of so many rosebuds yet to open! Your Scentimental rose is glorious, I love those variegated, stripy roses yet it's been quite a few gardens since I actually grew one.....might have to remember to order it from the catalogue for next year...Rx

  4. You have such beautiful roses Sarah. Love them.
    Kylie x

  5. Nothing better then picking a rose from your own garden :), yours are all lovely.
    Mine are doing well here in sunny Qld.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Kris x

  6. They're gorgeous! One of my priorities at the next house (wherever it is) is to get some flowers happening. We've picked a low maintenance option here. It'd be so nice to be able to bring in a bunch of flowers from the garden every now and again...

  7. I need to find a spot for Scentimental. I love it x

  8. I have a Scentimental too! I love it!! And I am the same, so exciting to see my good old friends blooming for the first time this year after a big prune! I don't need any more roses but there is just a little more room for maybe two more....? Oh I wish I didn't have hayfever!! Love to smell my roses!
    Have a lovely weekend! x

  9. Sarah, I have a few roses just starting to bloom too. And next door the climbers 'Pinkie' and 'Manita' are flowering their heads off and their perfume is wafting in through my kitchen windows. I might take your advice re Scentimental as I don't have any striped roses so will look for it when the new catalogues come out.
    Have a lovely weekend. P xx

  10. Oh I can't wait for my roses to start! I'm so impatient to see them all. I hope I get at least one flower per bush this year, but they are looking promising. Can't wait to see Pascali especially!

  11. Your roses are always so beautiful to look at Sarah I am so glad that you share them with us. Wishing you a lovely weekend too xx

  12. In my perfect ideal life I live six months a year in Australia and six months a year in Italy. All the six months from spring to summer, in both continents. In my real life I have to make up with a deeply hated upcoming winter that has already beaten my nerves.
    My roses are falling...yours are beautiful.

  13. No roses my dear, but lovely photos of your roses!! Especially love the first two - though, all are gorgeous! Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather now as we recover from Hurricane Sandy - my Dad just got his power back after 5 days in New Jersey, its devastating there - so sad. Happy weekend! ;-))

  14. Ooooh! My scentimental is just flowering now. I just love the smell, and that they resemble christmas candy :)
    All of my roses have gone berserk this year, I'm so happy. My favourite one at the moment is my Queen of hearts rose (I think that's what it was called?) It's looking lush with layers of sunset colours. So pretty!
    Thankyou for your comment lovely. If you want to know where I got those fasteners from let me know...they are pretty and I'm sure you could do something fabulous with them too!
    Have a lovely week, and good luck with everything.
    Alisa x


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