Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday flowers... mixed bunch

It's Friday again already (thank goodness!) and I haven't posted all week. To be honest I am feeling a bit frazzled by all the things I have to get done at the moment. Mostly it's art market preparations and I will share those with you all soon.
So, Friday flowers is a mixed bunch today. I have taken these shots over the past week and wanted to pop them in here. Many of you will have seen them on Instagram already.
The David Austin Jubilee Celebration rose (one of my faves) above has been photographed in a little bottle given to me by a lovely friend recently. I strung it from the picture rail on some neon pink brickies twine. Love it!

These fabulous blue hydrangeas came from Coles Supermarket the other week. I tried to talk myself out of buying them but it just didn't work. I must have looked silly standing there having a conversation with myself. That blue is amazing! Now I have to plant it in the garden and hope it keeps that colour. I have some chemical to water in that should help (can't remember what it is though).

These lupins came from the farmers market last Sunday. They went pretty limp pretty quickly but I still like the look of them.
 It is such a nice time in the garden at the moment. I love having roses I can pick to bring inside. You should see my fence of Iceberg roses. They are really looking great.
Well, have a lovely Friday and weekend. I promise to be back here sooner next week!


  1. I'm a sucker for hydrangeas too! Lupins are tricky as cut flowers, because of their hollow stems you could try filling the stem with water and then plugging them with a bit of wet cottonwood. Gives you a little more time...enjoy your weekend.

  2. I love your hanging bottle with the rose, I really want to do that too, I'll have to find a place! The hydrangea was a great buy, it's so beautiful.

  3. What a great idea. I have a bottle that would be perfect for a hanging vase. Happy Weekend to you Sarah.

  4. In Sydney I never had much success with that hydrangea blue powder. In this garden I'm happy to have what comes along, which is usually dark purple to pink. Don't you love the way hydrangeas age in cool climates?
    Happy weekend xx

  5. It would have been so hard to pass up those hydrangeas!
    I love the hanging rose x

  6. love the hydrangea colour
    I never know what to do with the lupins in vases - will try the plugging tip!!

  7. It was such a delight to see them up close yesterday, Sarah. Thanks for the tour! J x


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