Saturday, March 19, 2011

Catherine Hill Bay

One the way home from Bugewoi last Sunday we stopped off at a little village called Catherine Hill Bay.
The town got its name from a boat that was shipwrecked on the coast in 1867.
Coal had been mined in the area since 1865 and the jetty above was built from the cliff face into the sea so that the coal could be loaded directly on to a vessel. The town has quite a history of coal mining which continued up until 2002 I believe. Now, it's more of a shack town.

We had to have a drink at the local pub called the Catho. The town is currently fighting against large-scale development and here are signs and banners all down the main street.
Isn't it always the way that sleepy little towns get taken over by greedy developers that have no real care for the lovely lifestyle that the current people enjoy.
I hope the locals win the fight.

I loved these gates. They prevented access along the pier.

There's little old me in the shadow above.
What a beautiful spot.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. What a lovely spot. I hope the locals win.

  2. Looks like a fantastic place - shame about the developers!
    Pam x

  3. I can't believe yiou're near where I grew up...on Lake Macquarie! I love that third photo to bits :)

  4. Great photos Sarah! I like the shadow of you. :)

    Hey, I'm thinking about doing another giveaway. It's been a while. Stop by again!

  5. Amazing creative photos as always Sarah and a lovely spot will help. Enjoy your weekend. ;-)

  6. Beautiful pics. I hope the locals win too. Hope you have a lovely weekend rainy here was thinking of you alot this week as I was trying to tidy up my neglected garden, cheers Katherine

  7. My mum lives about 15 minutes from Catho.Isn't it gorgeous!!!!!!..xx

  8. Looks a lovely peaceful place - the sea and beach are beautiful. Hope the community remains unspoilt.
    have a great weekend Sarah!
    Gill x


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