Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday flowers

The frangipanni in Newcastle was so beautiful and the main reason I enjoyed walking down the city streets. It had been so long since I'd smelled the beautiful fragrance.
Despite the fact I have to work all weekend, TGIF! It has been a crazy busy week.
Hopefully you all have a lovely relaxing weekend :)
ps. more holiday pics coming...


  1. We have Frangipani in the backyard but they have all finished flowering now. They are a lovely flower and do smell divine. Enjoy your weekend Sarah. ;-)

  2. yes i love frangipanni also, you should go to Cairns to see them there. And do try to enjoy your weekend, k.

  3. I have three frangipani trees. A large dark pink variety near the boys' sandpit, a small tree which is about to flower in the next week, and a white one in the front garden bed. Love them to bits. And if I go out somewhere nice, I'll tuck a few into my hair. xx

  4. My favourite flowers! And the bonus is they have such a gorgeous smell, too!

  5. Love the flowers! So beautiful. Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend, Sarah :)

  6. Frangipani is so Australia to me. We have a few trees and when the flowers fall they look so pretty floating in some water in a pretty glass bowl.
    Hope you get to enjoy some of the weekend despite working.

  7. The fragrance is so intoxicating isnt it? Of course Wellington isn't remotely tropical enough for frangipani, and I just love these flowers. When in Sydney the other week I was picking them up off the footpath to treasure for a few days!

  8. I adore them! I am looking forward to some established farngipani trees in my new house! X


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