Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ladies, this will get your pulses racing...

Oh my.
Every so often an email gem pops into the inbox.
I just had to post some images from one I received yesterday.

Oh yes, are you man enough to wear it?
(click to enlarge this one - it's worth the read)

Fancy your man in one of these spunky numbers?

Look at those fetching collars and cuts...

And below, the piece de resistance...

Men in belted sweaters! Were these beauties ever in fashion?

Don't you just want to get your knitting needles out?
(I'm pretty sure Lyndon will want me to leave my knitting needles alone)


  1. How hilarious! :) Especially the belted jumpers.

  2. Ha ha! Love it! Thanks for the giggle x

  3. Ha! I got the same email this week. Aren't they hilarious? The dude with the very droopy collar took the cake for me. xx

  4. Your post title and that first pic...priceless :)

  5. They are a scream! The belted sweaters are my fav!

  6. That's so funny! That copy in the second ad is almost offensive. I think some of those dudes have knitting needles stashed down the front of their trousers.


  7. Mmmmm Mmmmmm not. They are hysterical. Love those belted jumpers!
    We must be on the same wave length, I am just getting a feral crochet post together!
    Congrats on your lovely photos over at Fun and VJ's they look fantastic.

  8. tell Lyndon i'm knitting one for him right now, seeing as how you won't! k.

  9. Oh my....the jumpsuits....haha :D

  10. This is a crack up! You see jumpsuits aren't just for babies. The man onesie exists! The jumpsuit with a hood are rather fetching, and with that baby blue... who could resist... pulse RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh wow... I am not sure where to look! That hooded jumpsuit is something else!!! I would laugh... even though it is quite possible my dad wore one... or more... of those outfits.. but it is possible you have brought back some (understandably) repressed memories!!!! Ha! I am just kidding! They are brilliant images ... thanks for bringing a smile to my Saturday! X

  12. GOOD GRIEF......please No.....

  13. My goodness!
    It's a miracle that any babies got made during that time.
    What were they thinking???
    Your title was great, I thought I was in for a treat, but instead I was LMAO.
    Love it!


  14. OMG!!!! Blast from the past!!!!! LOL!!!Did men ever actully wear clothes like that?? Can't say I remember my dad looking like that - obviously he wasnt trendy enough!
    Love it!Great post Sarah!

  15. I had a Ken doll in the 70s that wore this sort of Bee Gees/Sat PM Fever clobber- too funny

  16. Oh my goodness, hysterical! I think I might have to disown my other half if he wore anything like this, lol!

  17. These are hilarious Sarah! Definitely some dodgy fashion there! Oh yes def make apple tea cake it was really nice, squeeze as much apple on the top as you can. Have fun it's super easy. Hope you had a great weekend x

  18. Oh Sarah!!! I have no words...but plenty of tears rolling down my cheeks and sore abdominal muscles from laughing so much!! Too funny:) ~ Tina xx

  19. hahaha oh my goodness this is the best post I've seen anywhere in a while!

    ~Sarah W.

  20. Hysterical!!! The ad copy is hilarious too! I died laughing reading The Fifth Season's "One easy piece" ad copy ... thanks for sharing these. Good to start the day with a laugh.


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