Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A lovely little spot

Here's the first part of my little adventure over the weekend.
Lyn and I took a Sunday drive south of Newcastle to Bugewoi for lunch. Lyn's workmates Rick and his wife Chris, Harry and Deb came along for the roadtrip.
On the way we stopped off at a little spot called Swansea which is at Lake Entrance.

The water was beautiful.

It was a such a clear, warm day and water was very enticing. I just loved the 'vintage' feel of the old boats and dingys - not that I'd be brave enough to venture out in one, I think it would end in a swim back to shore! At Bugewoi we went to the pub for lunch, sitting outside under a massive fig tree.
We ventured home via a little village called Catherine Hill Bay.
I'll post pics of that next :)
Isn't Bugewoi the cutest name?


  1. Bugewoi. I've never heard of it, but it is a cute name.

    And you can't beat a pub lunch ... chicken kiev. Yum.

  2. How funny, I grew up near Swansea in South Wales. I don't think it's anywhere near as pretty looking as these photos though. x

  3. It all looks beautiful. I love how you've edited the photos too..Rachaelxx

  4. i'll bet you thought you were back home in Tas with all those little old fishing boats. k.

  5. The photos look great, the colours and vintage feel. I love photos of water and boats, just something about them. G

  6. That looks like a fantastic sleepy old place where you would go to ramble around and relax! It looks like the setting for something like Sea Change! Your pictures are just gorgeous! X

  7. Stunning photos that make me want to dive into that beautiful blue water.
    Pam x

  8. Gorgeous pics, looks like a beautiful spot xx

  9. Oh My, look at that sparkling turquoise water and those blue skies!! It all looks amazing, you lucky lucky people!
    Missed your first installment so just going there now - wish i really was, sigh............
    Gill xx

  10. You were close to my neck of the woods! I have to say Ive never seen "the Budgie" look so good... Beautiful photo's. Megan xx

  11. Ha, Bugewoi, always thought that was a bird growing up on the North Shore (south of where you were visiting on the Central Coast) as we'd visit Bugewoi, Woy Woy & other silly named places with visitors. Love Posie


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